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Wolfgang Puck

Biography Wolfgang Puck - Star saint

Wolfgang Puck - a man who knows all about Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck tastes stars. Still - in fact already the eighteenth year he organizes a dinner after the award "Oscar". But even cooking for 1600 people, he manages to remember that Tom Cruise loves steaks, Barbara Streisand - a real fan of pie with chicken and Natalie Portman - vegan, so it should please the vegetarian paella "Black Swan" ... Maybe it is in this one of the secrets of his extraordinary success?

Like many talents to conquer the world, Wolfgang Puck was born far from Hollywood. The son of a butcher, he was born in post-war Austria in 1949, and life is not promised him mountains of gold.

Wolfgang's father left his mother when she was pregnant. Later she married Joseph Pak, whose name and inherit the future master of cooking, and gave birth to a son and two daughters.

Mother of the family from time to time worked pastry chef, and it played a crucial role in the choice of a boy profession: it is her he began to adopt the basics of culinary art. Which cost one of its desserts - (Kaiserschmarrn - Royal omelet, traditional Viennese cuisine, a cross between a pancake and a souffle), which she prepared once a week and served with plum compote and milk. "This taste still reminds me of my childhood in this small village in Austria", - says the maestro.
Wolfgang Puck

When the maestro was 14, he already knew what he wanted to do, went to master the skill chefs in France. 10 years later, a young professional on the advice of a friend decided to conquer America. Two years Wolfgang has worked in the restaurant La Tour in Indianapolis, but really lucky ticket for him was Ma Maison in Los Angeles. This popular restaurant regulars were rich and famous, and a new chef culinary talent did not go unnoticed.

A few years later, he released his first book, "Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen," which used the recipes he developed in Ma Maison, and opened his first restaurant, Spago. The success was stunning. The first signature dish maestro - pizza with smoked salmon and caviar - immediately became famous as the chef himself.
Wolfgang Puck

Today, the annual income of Maestro -16000000 dollars and cook among the hundred richest people in the world ranking Forbes. He has numerous awards and winning the prestigious competitions, he has a vast network of restaurants in the US, Canada and Japan, writes cookbooks, publishes its line of dishes and semi-finished products, participate in popular television shows, and his culinary column published in 30 newspapers in the United States and Canada ... and, of course, for almost two decades the star saint organizes dinner after the ceremony, "Oscar", as well as banquets for film premieres, fashion shows and other stellar events.
Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck
Solved whether its role in the fate of the famous cook something that from the very beginning of his career he was preparing for a stellar elite? Possible. Still, it's not just this, because for the success of this approach is not enough just to Hollywood. Perhaps the main merit of the maestro that he radically changed American attitudes toward food: brilliant blending of French, Asian and Californian cuisine, he became one of the pioneers of the style fusion. The mixture of luxury and democracy (pizza with black truffle - is not an example?) - One of the features of his writing style.

Beginners in the kitchen Pak advised not to rush, to moderate ambition and not take over immediately after the sophisticated recipes. According to Cook, simple, pure taste - that's fine. "If you buy fresh fish fillets, do not need to do anything special: just put it on the grill with vegetables, add a little olive oil and basil - and get good food," - said Pak. In addition, it recommends that enliven dishes using fresh herbs. Five major and versatile herbs that will always be kstati- rosemary, basil, thyme, mint and kaffir lime. Rosemary and basil essential for cooking chicken and roast potatoes, thyme and mint will not only improve the taste of many dishes, but also come in handy when you decide to make tea, and kaffir lime leaves are well suited to the food in Thai style - says the famous chef.

Oscar that you can eat.

Before the award "Oscar" Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck is not exactly up to the cinema: in fact he had to cook dinner for a half thousand people, maybe more, and each time the chef tries to outdo himself.

During work full-time cook "Oscar" is all. Once, during a celebratory dinner cooking in the kitchen turned off the light. Engineer who could fix the problem, security refused to miss.

Had to build a small gas burner to continue cooking - it was a celebration in full swing! Engineer managed to get into the kitchen just after 15 minutes, and, as he said Pak, it was the longest 15 minutes of his life. Fortunately, the guests did not notice anything ...

The humble artist.

The famous chef literally Wolfgang Puck half-life is away from home : in his own words, he is on the road about 200 days a year, though, and wants to be more time with his family. Well, while the maestro travels around the world, in Los Angeles waiting for his wife (fashion designer Gelil Assefa, she hails from Ethiopia) and four sons - Cameron, Byron, Oliver and Alexander. It is unknown whether anyone will of the boys in the footsteps of his father. For example, his eldest son, Cameron, likes to fly on planes and wants to become an aeronautical engineer.

Despite its proximity to Hollywood Olympus, the star of the disease in Maestro is not observed. He says he does not attach too much importance to money, like a lot of walking to keep yourself in good shape and participates in charity programs.

Maestro once admitted that he could become an artist, if not chosen profession cook. Well, at least in the art of humanity may have lost a new genius, but has become an outstanding chef who on his experience proved that cooking can be art. Not accidentally developers packaging for the brand guru, under which produced foods, drinks and cooking utensils, called it "Picasso in the world cooking».

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