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Vikas Khanna

Biography Vikas Khanna.

The Early Years

Bright personality, honored Indian Vikas Khanna chef, owner of a Michelin star, restaurateur, author, film rezhiscer, humanist and TV, all these characteristics belong to the same person known to us as Vikas Khanna. In 2011, People magazine included a popular name in the list Khanna Sexiest men.

Vikas Khanna was born November 14, 1971 in the city of Amritsar (India). The family Davinder Bindu Khanna and he was the second child. We have an older brother Vikas Nishant Khanna, who lives with his family in Amritsar. In addition, it also has a younger sister Radhika Khanna, who currently resides in Manhattan.

Vikas Khanna culinary experience developed under the influence of his grandmother, whom he helped from his early years in the kitchen. It was his grandmother taught culinary arts and the proper use of spices. With 12 years Khanna supplied cookware for Amritsar Club. At an early age Vikas began to develop their own recipes and in the age of 17 he discovered Lawrence Gardens Banquets for weddings and family celebrations.
Vikas Khanna

In 1991, Vikas Khanna graduated Welcomgroup Graduate with a degree in Hotel Administration and established SAANCH, cultural festival celebration that brings together different dishes and traditions from different parts of India. This festival has become a major event in the calendar of the college. Vikas graduated from Cornell University, Culinary Institute of America, New York University and the College of Culinary Paris Le Cordon Bleu. Vikas Khanna has worked in places like Taj, Oberoi, Welcomgroup, Leela Group of Hotels, as well as the most influential chefs in the world, such as Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Personal life.

Unfortunately, Vikas Khanna was born with a disadvantage. He had wrongly aligned legs, so up to 13 years, he could not run as many of his peers. Pep Vikas helped support his grandmother, who loved to cook. Its cuisine has become part of the basic training for him.

At the moment, Vikas Khanna was not married. But in an interview in the newspaper Hindustan Times, he said that one day he will get a family, but not now.
Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna
Vikas Khanna is sponsoring organizations such as Deepak Chopra's Intent and The Huffington Post. Moreover, it is - a Democrat and a supporter of President Barack Obama. May 14, 2012 Vikas prepared gala banquet, as a campaign to raise money, organized by the President in the Rubin Museum of Art, in New York. And in September 2009, Khanna bought a house in the vicinity of the headquarters of the United Nations.

Khanna and Sakiv.

It is known that in 2001, Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna established a fund Sakiv, which aims to solve the world's problems, require instant action, decisions and attention, for example, the world hunger, AIDS, by HIV, etc. Together with charities such as Save the Children, background organized many events around the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and to the Taj Mahal in India.

In the same year, Vikas Khanna, together with world-famous chefs founded another fund called Cooking for Life (Cooking for Life).

Activities of the fund aims to help people affected by the September 11 attacks, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other disasters. Symposium Vision of Palate is specifically designed to train people with visual disability.

Author activities

As you can see, life is a popular chef Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna is full of many important events and activities. The purpose of his life - to help all those who really need help. Khanna well as anyone else know how needs the support of people with various disabilities. This he knows firsthand, but from my personal experience.

Among the many merits rightfully belonging to the great Vikas Khanna, you can select another - publishing activities. He is a wonderful food writer.

Among his works are known as follows: Ayurveda - The Science of Food and Life, Mango Mia - Celebrating the tropical world of Mangoes, The Cuisine of Gandhi - Based on the beliefs of the Legend, The Spice Story of India, New York Chefs Cooking for Life - Cookbook, Modern Indian Cooking, Flavors First: An Indian Chef's Culinary Journey.

The activities director.

In his popular television series "Holy Kitchens" examines the distribution of food traditions in terms of the spiritual context. "True Business" - one of the first cinematographic works Khanna, based on the study of Sikh community kitchens, known as food Langar. The main narrator in the film acts as Deepak Chopra, a well-known critic and writer. The film premiered in October 2010 at the International Film Festival Sikh. Other films from the series Holy Kitchens are based on the culinary traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. "Karma to Nirvana" - the second part of the documentary series Holy Kitchens. The film premiered May 7, 2011 at the New York-Indian Film Festival in the United States. In March 2012, a third of the "Moon of Eid" was presented at Harvard University.

Awards and Recognition.

For his Indian restaurant Junoon Vikas Khanna was awarded a Michelin star from Michelin Red. In 2011, Vikas received the award known as the Rising Star Chef Award for his role in shaping the future of American cuisine. March 29, 2011, Junoon Restaurant received favorable reviews from critics Sam Sifton, were published in The New York Times. In polling station organized the New York Eater blog, Vikas Khanna voted for, both for the hottest chef in New York. July 29, 2011, he organized a dinner party for a charity the Hindu American Seva Charities.
Vikas Khanna
The conference devoted to the activities of this organization, held in the White House. Organizer was Anju Bhargava, an advisory board member of President Barack Obama.

In addition, Khanna was included in the list of the sexiest and most successful people in the world according to the magazine Anokhi. The title of the sexiest and hot chef Vikas Khanna received from publications Metro New York and People.

For its unique culinary style Vikas was awarded James Beard Foundation. In 2005, SATH awarded him the prize Access to Freedom Award, a corporation Just One Break handed him the award The Shining Star Award. But the list does not end awards Khanna. So, for his outstanding contribution to the development of the city Vikas Khanna received a proclamation from New York City Hall, and was chosen as the New Yorker of the week according to the channel NY1.

Appearance in the media.

In 2011, Vikas Khanna starred in the second season of the program Master Chef India, Indian culinary competition, modeled after the British version of MasterChef, broadcast on Star Plus.
Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna

In September 2007, Vikas as a chef consultant was shot in the program Gordon Ramsay - Kitchen Nightmares on channel Fox. In October 2009, Khanna appeared as a judge and expert in Indian cooking program Hell's Kitchen. In June 2010, Khanna starred in the role of the judge in the transfer Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. In March 2011, Vikas Khanna continued his television career in the program of the great Martha Stewart called The India Show.

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