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Valentine Warner

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Biography Valentine Warner.

How it all began.

Born celebrity chef Valentine Warner Valentine Warner in 1972. He spent his childhood on a farm in Dorset. There he learned from an early age to shoot, fishing and cooking. Father Warner - Sir Frederick Warner was a diplomat. At the same time, in the period from 1972 to 1975, he served as British Ambassador to Japan.

Valentine Warner was a creative and versatile child. He studied the basics of art in Bath (Maine) before went to London and practiced as a portrait painter in the Byam Shaw School of Art. In addition, Warner studied at Bedales School, in Hampshire.

Although Valentine Warner suit his successful career as an artist, but it turned out that at 23, he could not resist the call of the kitchen and was determined to devote all their time cooking and not drawing. Thus, the London restaurant Halycon was the first place of work. Next five years, Warner developed his culinary skills, working under the guidance of such great chefs as Alastair Little and Rose Carrarini, then he opened his own private catering company Green Pea.

Advances in career

In autumn 2008, the BBC began telekarera Valentine Warner. He made his debut with a program called What to Eat Now - culinary program created based on his book of the same name. BBC Guidelines christened Valentine В«kitchen Russell BrandВ». It is also nicknamed the "truffle head" because of the huge passion for truffles, which can be seen in one of the episodes of his program.

Recipes Warner appeared regularly in popular television and radio media, and his show What to Eat Now aired for six weeks on the channel BBC Two. In one of the prescriptions written for Radio Times, in which Valentine shared the secrets of cooking the fish, he said that he could only have one type of fish - mackerel.
Valentine WarnerValentine WarnerValentine Warner

It is known that during his short author's activities Warner wrote two best-selling book. This is a book with the names of What to Eat Now and What to Eat Now - More Please!

In 2011, Valentine Warner starred in the program Great British Food Revival on the channel BBC Two program and Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarch. Oddly enough, Warner did not stop there and withdrew his own program, whose name Valentine Warner: Coast to Coast on the channel Good Food. In the story of the program chef travels the country, fishes, and then demonstrates professional preparation of their catch. His other programs are known as Ration Book Britain and Valentine Warner Eats The Sixties.

Warner writes regularly for magazines Countryfile and Delicious, as well as The Times, The Independent, Olive, Waitrose Food. In September 2011 saw the publication of his third book titled The Good Table. The book is published by Mitchell Beazley. The next book, which is now working on Valentine, will be available no earlier than 2013.

Chef - traveler.

Valentine Warner - interesting and at the same time mysterious person, which is of great interest a lot of media and unknown facts of his personal biography intriguingly tempting.

Nothing, not unlike many people, Valentine loves to indulge in pleasant memories of childhood and the period of its formation, as a creative person. One of his vivid memories is the first memory of his vacation. It was in Kenya, where Valentine Warner vacationing with his family. For the little boy was a terrible shock when mountain hyrax stole a piece of his sandwich. After such a bad experience, Warner has not ceased to love to travel.
Valentine WarnerValentine Warner

As it turned out, the best vacation for Valentine were holidays in Cuba. It was there that he really appreciated the beauty of the hot seasons. He liked that it was quite shabby place with exfoliating paint on the facades of houses. All this seemed to him an amazing and he did not want to leave this beautiful natured town.

During his many travels, Warner acquired invaluable experience. He understood that you can not be stupid and shy. Even his father always taught Valentine to explore everything and be curious, because following your nose, you can find good food, and going on the road, it can be something interesting.

With regard to companies with which Valentine loves to travel, these are people who are not fixated on the fact that the locals always something stolen from them, and that journey ends snakebites. Warner likes to relax with no preconceived people prone to adventures. An interesting fact is that the most important things, without which it can not do Warner during his travels is a razor and toothbrush. It is these little things help him feel second David Niven.
Valentine Warner

Most Valentine loves the country with a cool climate and delicious food. Scandinavia, especially Sweden and Norway - the most favorite places to travel. There clean air, hospitable people and a lot of unexplored places. What else is needed avid traveler? For the first time all the beauty of local attractions Warner praised during a visit to the sled dog sleigh in Lapland near Kiruna.

Naturally, after a long tiring trips there is nothing better than a pet bed, clean clothes and a familiar home-cooked meal.

Sometimes that Valentine visited quite strange places, but full of adventure. One of these trips was crazy fishing in the north-east India. Despite the lack of first-aid kit, phones, and some nasty accidents on the road, the trip was amazing.

The most horrible experience that had to endure during the next trip was a scorpion bite. This happened in Cuba. It helped that the local scorpions - non-toxic and everything was a prick, after which the well-being of the chef improved.
Valentine Warner Valentine Warner Valentine Warner

Beloved city for Warner is Mexico. This is the most attractive place in which he was able to visit. Despite the fact that it is wildly uncontrolled place, the city has its own distinct rhythm. Here, indeed, you can immerse yourself in the adventure.

Cherished place that has not yet visited, but plans to visit - an archipelago Jardines de la Reina, on the southern coast of Cuba. Being obsessed with fishing, for valentine's no better holiday than to stand all day with a fishing rod in his hands. That's such an interesting and diverse personality hides under the name of Valentine Warner.

Valentine Warner at Hyllenget

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Biography Valentine Warner
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