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Brian Turner

Biography Brian Turner.

Brian Turner - Knight and Day

Brian Turner was born on May 7, 1946 in Brian Turner Halifax, West Yorkshire. His career began with the part-time work in a cafe with his father and led to what is now Turner is one of the most successful and well-known chefs UK.

When you read his biography, it seems that it is the ideal prescribed scenario: the best restaurants, public recognition, high reward. In fact, all - real life, and for every positive review worth the hard work.

He was very lucky with his mentor, he became a writer and broadcaster, the legend of the culinary world, Michael Smith. Knowledge, taken over from the master, Turner secured during training in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in Europe.

Early in his career he gives two years «Simpson's in the Strand» together with Richard Shepherd, (he is currently the owner of a pub in Langan), and then followed him as a «The Savoy Grill», where he worked with Louis Virot. Then he decides to go to a lonely swimming in the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, where he began to develop their skills and knowledge of classical cuisine.

The first star Michelin

After a while, Turner still returns to England and worked in Claridge's until 1971, then goes to Capital Hotel, where he again teams up with Richard Shepherd. In early 1973, he took a break for a while, to work as a teacher, but in the same year returned to the "Capital Hotel", which he and Shepherd bring star Michelin.

After the departure of Richard in 1975 he became a chef and regulations in the hotel for eleven years. It was a wonderful time. During his work on «Capital Hotel» Turner was responsible for the launch of Greenhouse Restaurant at the Mayfair and Metro Wine Bar on Basil Street. Among the many famous chefs with whom he worked at Turner «Capital Hotel» were Gary Rhodes and Shaun Hill.
Brian Turner Brian Turner
In 1986, Turner finally solved and opens his own restaurant Turner's, on Walton Street, Knightsbridge. He immediately attracted regular customers and local residents, as well as loyal fans around the world who appreciated the degree of much attention as to the food and the service and customers. Turner has set new standards for the British, which was a feature of dining out.

Turner became a successful man and began to appear regularly on television: a «Ready Steady Cook» and «Food and Drink», as well as a judge on the «Master Chef». He showed over the years than lives chef in the transfer «This Morning», but ultimately went on the BBC in the transfer «Anything you can Cook». Despite the tight schedule of the TV, Turner still holds a full time job in a restaurant and personally meet and greet their customers.
Brian Turner

In 2001, while Brian was at the peak of his career, he makes a very important step and sells for rent Turner's. In February 2002, he opened the eponymous Brian Turner Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham. But here too long delayed and Turner in 2003 in London launches his new restaurant in the Brian Turner Mayfair Millennium Hotel, London Mayfair.

The restaurant serves modern British dishes that have made a real favorite Turner society. Brian Turner Mayfair famous for a relaxed and comfortable environment, as well as the restaurant provides high quality at a reasonable price. Already in January 2005 was launched Turner's Grill, a new restaurant in the Copthorne Hotel Slough Windsor. Turner's Grill - a simple meal in a pleasant atmosphere. Along with Mayfair, this restaurant has closed. Brian finished the hotel to concentrate on other projects. And they had a huge amount.

The judge, professor, philanthropist -
the pride of the British nation and Commander !!!

Turner was the chairman of the Academy Brian Turner culinary arts for eleven years, and since 2004 its president. He is a board member of UK Skills Board, and was awarded an honorary professor of Thames Valley University. Turner regularly appears as a guest chef in leading hotels of the world and exhibitions, where his expertise is in great demand, both as a judge for national and international competitions cooking, and to demonstrate the great British food.

Besides all this Ternersostoit in various charitable organizations, for example, wanting to run the London Marathon in favor of AIDS patients, also supports women with breast cancer. Just is not listed.
Brian Turner
In June 2002, on his birthday made a queen Turner in the lists of knights and awarded him the title of "Commander" for achievements in tourism and training in the food industry and in November 2002, Brian made a visit to the palace to receive the award. Another important moment in the life of Turner became a "Special Prize" at the ceremony Catey at Grosvenor House, which reflected the commitment to Brian not only British catering industry, as well as his hard work with many charitable foundations. He also won the Springboard Award of Excellence in autumn 2004.

We need innovation ...

But on our laurels and Brian did not think to stop and continues to work actively. During these years he published a book «Brian Turner's Favourite British Recipes» and again begins to appear in «This Morning».

Do not believe there is another side of life Turner - is to prepare young people in the industry, he is given every year all with great passion and dedication. His latest project - a school Futurechef.

This project in late 2005 brought Brian scholarship Guild of London Institute (FCGI), as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Yorkshire Society. In 2006 he won the British Association, and was made an honorary Doctor of Science Leeds Metropolitan University. In November 2008, Brian also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Sheffield, and in January 2009, Brian was awarded the Honor Award of discipleship.

His business today razvivaetsyas new force. For a long time he prefers television and representation of the leading brands of cooking, as well as shares and companies to encourage the British people.

In 2009, Turner experiments Brian Turner and produces an amber ale, which was sold during the winter season Nicholson's pubs, mostly in London. Six months later, he repeats the release. But his soul was still eager for the kitchen and in 2011 he revives Turner's. From the first dneyotkrytiya place is very popular, wanting to try again "titled" a huge amount of food.

It's safe to say that Turner has made tremendous progress. But the chef admits he has another great desire to get people back into the kitchen, and again began to prepare and develop their skills. "The culinary industry is developing rapidly, but is necessary to save personal skills?" - He wonders - "We need innovation, and, in my opinion, they appear only in the home kitchen" - a very interesting observation, I tell you, but is a Brian Turner can not agree?

The Chefs: Brian Turner

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