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Brian Polcyn

Biography Brian Polcyn (Brian Polcyn).

«Good food is good food».

Chef Brian Polcyn is an expert Brian Polcyn sausages, its culinary creativity and talent already long been recognized throughout the world, and restaurants are considered to be the most famous in Detroit.

Unfortunately, about his childhood and youth, almost nothing is known, it seems, connoisseurs of culinary art more concerned about his achievements, not the date of birth. And so, we know that when Brian was 20 years old, he had already honed their skills in two of the most prestigious restaurants in Michigan The Golden Mushroom, under the mastery of Chef Milos Cihelka and The Lark.

Quick Start and immediate recognition.

In 1987, Brian Polcyn debuted as a chef in the Pike Street Restaurant in Pontiac. Within a few weeks, the critics were tested for strength skill and prestige of his team, but the forces have not been spent in vain, the restaurant received a call. Unfortunately, not for long. In 1990, Brian Polcyn opens Chimayo, the first restaurant in Michigan, which began to prepare authentic cuisine of the Southwest, and three years later he starts the fashionable place Acadia. And then, finally, in 1995 and the opening of Five Lakes Grill in Milford. For over ten years, this restaurant would be his favorite child, in the future it will be renamed in Cinco Lagos, but that he did not lose, but only become more and more fans of Mexican cuisine.
Brian Polcyn Brian Polcyn Brian PolcynBrian Polcyn

In 2000, Chef Polcyn together with Michael Ruhlman published a book «Soul of the Chef: the path to perfection». It leads the reader through daily exhausting work of the chef. Immediately after the book was published, Brian receives a certificate wizard from the Culinary Institute of America, and five years later he again teams up with Ruhlman for publication «Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing». In addition to classic recipes sausages, terrines and pates, Michael and Brian Open Save dishes antiquity. 125 unique recipes that have become available for both professionals and home cooking. This book brought Brian Award nomination for James Beard, which is the highest award for people working with food and drinks in North America.

With the growing popularity around Polcyn rumors about his move to the center of Oakland County, a district of Birmingham. Brian really had a desire to open a second restaurant. His dream came true in 2007, and already the summer of 2008. The Forest Grill opened its doors to visitors. It was another success. The restaurant was opened at the right time and the right place, as he said himself, Brian - is "a little" bistro and "a little" restaurant. In The Forest Grill cook great food, and the atmosphere has to meet with friends, neighbors, relatives. The kitchen includes elements of traditional European cooking food, modern American and exceptional ingredients, all in elegant interior.

"Best Chef in the Midwest"

Brian experience in cooking has more than thirty years, his dedication and support local suppliers made him an important figure in Michigan and the United States. About Chef Brian write a lot in local and national publications, including The New York Times, The Detroit News, Atlantic Monthly, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Playboy, Detroit Time Magazine, Detroit Free Press, and Wine Spectator.
Brian Polcyn Brian Polcyn Brian Polcyn

For his talent, he has received numerous awards: three gold medals and one silver medal from the American Culinary Federation, Hiram Walker admitted his "Rising Star American cuisine." In 1990, he was the first American runner-up in the famous cooking show Gold Cup Bocuse d'Or. Five Lakes Grill was the best restaurant in 2005. Brian was also nominated as the best chef in the Midwest in 2006, the Foundation James Beard. Several times he was preparing to house the James Beard Foundation in New York, participated in Traverse City Epicurean Classic, and Star Chefs - International Congress of Chefs.

Without a doubt, Brian is an expert in cooking smoked and meat products, and their specialty, he believes smoked salmon. His skills have reached such heights that he was invited as a lecturer in the School Craf College in Livonia, where to this day teaches the specifics of manufacturing sausages.

King of the kitchen, ac in the sky - always and everywhere the first!

A huge part of his life, Brian dedicates Brian Polcyn help others. He is in many local charitable organizations, such as the "Chef of Michigan in the fight against hunger," "Divide our forces", "Childhood leukemia" and fund NFL. Returns to the community means a lot to him.

It is impossible to believe, but even with such a complex plot Brian finds time to spend with his family. The chef and his wife, Julia, five children and the time he spends with his family for him is priceless. But when it does not exist in the kitchen or at school or with your family, you can find it in the sky. Polcyn is a licensed pilot. This hobby gives it vitality and inspiration for new culinary discoveries.

Its like all masters of their craft often asked about the secrets of success. But this account is not verbose Brian apparently their culinary secrets, he trusts only his disciples. One of the few phrases, which he threw curious, was: "Good food, have a good meal." These five words to become a chef the original card, and visitors to his restaurant, now know exactly where the food is never bad.

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