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Bobby Flay

Biography Bobby Flay.

Robert William Fly was born December 10 Bobby Flay 1964 in New York City, USA. He is well-known American chef and television presenter. His cooking shows are very popular all over the world. Bobby Flay hereditary Irishman. At age 17, he was expelled from school and Robert's nothing left to do but go look for a job. He went to work in a pizzeria assistant in the kitchen. Recognition to Fleyu came when he worked in a restaurant, John Allen. He stood out from the rest of the staff new recipes scrumptious salads.

John Allen surprised his culinary abilities and talents sends him to study at the Culinary Institute of France. He became one of the best students of the institute. After graduation, Bobby goes to work in a restaurant Jonathan Waxman chef. Waxman spend money on training for Fleya, who is preparing for visitors and more new dishes. After some time, the chef has got its own chain of restaurants. In addition Robbert begins to appear on television and teach at the Culinary Institute in France. Bobby Flay was twice married and twice divorced. Annual revenue - $ 1.5 million.

A favorite of the American public, he was a millionaire, being a blogger. Now Bobby continues his blog, as well as leading several show on the Food Network. In addition, he is the owner of several restaurants in the United States and the Bahamas.

After graduating Bobby Flay was admitted to the restaurant Jonathan Waxman. He was appointed to the position of chef. Waxman spared no expense in Bobby, it periodically sends it to the training courses, and Bobby pleased visitors new and original dishes.
Bobby Flay Bobby Flay

Gradually grew in popularity Bobby Flay. His work began to invite the most prestigious restaurants in America. And after a while a talented chef has got its own chain of restaurants.

In addition to Bobby Flay began appearing on television and teach at the Culinary Institute in France. Show featuring Flaya enjoy great popularity. Sometimes the chef talks about his secrets in the kitchen and opens the recipes of their specialties.

The restaurants open Bobby Flaem cook excellent food. Americans love to be in his restaurant, because there can not only eat, but also to see interesting and exclusive dishes.

In 1991, Bobby Flay married Debra Ponzek that, just as it is a popular American chef. Their marriage is not proved durable in 1993 they decided to divorce.
Bobby Flay Bobby Flay

In October 1995 Bobby Flay decided to marry a second time. His choice was Kate Connelly. But she could not stand the temperament and character Flaya and some time later filed for divorce.

Excellent cook and charming showman - these two components was enough that Robert William Fly won the hearts of millions of audience that not only loves to eat, but do not mind to see how, in fact, this food is created. His culinary TV shows are very popular all over the world, and in the numerous restaurants that are in the United States and the Bahamas, it is necessary to book in advance ... A favorite of the public with an annual income of $ 1.5 million is one of the most expensive chefs in the world - and rightly so!

Legend has it that when Robert was seventeen, he was expelled from school. Unworthy of whether the conduct was the cause, the pervasive underachievement in core subjects or normal teenage indifference to school, now covered with darkness secret. The truth is that, after this momentous event the young man had nothing to do, how to go look for a job. And how, say, business can take a young man, not having behind absolutely nothing? That's right, the choice is rather narrow. And Bobby was happy, sitting, finally, in a pizzeria - assistant in the kitchen.

Bobby Flay

As time went on, Bobby Flay is used on all cylinders and ... suddenly rationally. He studied - a kitchen tricks, classic cooking and the ability to go beyond the boundaries of accepted canons. And the recognition was not long in coming: working in a restaurant, John Allen, he decidedBobby Flay - and presented to the respected public several new salads. They were very tasty. Visitors appreciated, and the owner of the restaurant, without thinking twice, has entrusted Bobby cooking complex dishes, and a little later, Bobby Flay making sure that the novice cook nugget really talented, sent Robert William Flaya to study - in French Culinary Institute, where the last soon became a top student, and after some time - and the teacher ...

At the end of the prestigious institutions of cooking art graduate invited a chef in a restaurant, Jonathan Waxman, who did not save money on all sorts of training courses for Flaya, that inspired his ends. Fly soon became the owner of his own restaurant chain and was invited to the TV, a channel Food Network, as a leading culinary workshop. He does not hide the secrets of the kitchen, as well as, indeed, and recipes of their specialties: before you eat at one of his restaurants, everyone can see how prepared a particular dish.

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