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Bob Blumer

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Bob Blumer - cook-fidget.

Bob's name Bob Blumer Blumer, chef and creator of such popular television shows as "Glutton for Punishment" and "Surreal Gourmet", you can often hear the phrase with adventurer from cooking. Despite the fact that special culinary education had not, in the Guinness World Records, which until 2000 was called simply Guinness Book of Records, recorded 7 (!) Of his culinary world-class achievements.

Let's call a few of them. So, in July 2010, as part of XIV-th annual festival held in Toronto В«Corso ItaliaВ», Bob had one hour to bake 168 pizzas with tomato and cheese (an average of 22 (!) Seconds to 1 share), beating, thus belonging to the same set him two years earlier, a record - 142 pizzas! By the way, in the same 2008 he established another: for the hour he Bake 559 (!) Pancakes. Unusual record, Mr. Bloomer fixed 30 August 2010 in Taiwan in 3 minutes with Oriental chopsticks he separated from the grain of rice 134 lump.

Bob Blumer

Mr Bloomer, also gaining popularity due to the fact that, by adding to their meals, it would seem, the most common ingredients gets stunningly delicious samples. This effect is achieved due to the fact that it applies only "their" methods of preparation, which became a kind of his "Trademarks".


Mr. Bob Blumer was born in 1962 in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Notably the beginning of his career. It is, according to Bob, allows you to put his picture on a poster with the slogan "cheat until you manage it!".
Bob Blumer Bob Blumer Bob Blumer

So: to cook, he always loved. And once he got the idea to write a cookbook. The topic that he was trying to uncover it, so to speak, was: "Taste of champagne for the money cost of spaghetti," that is tasty and cheap. But, as you will recall, culinary education at Bob was not. And, after all, he was able to find one small publishing house and enter into negotiations with him about the publication of its potential "bestseller". Much to the surprise of Mr. Bloomer soon the book was printed. It happened back in 1991. While Bob main passion was music, which he devoted all his spare (and not free) time, he was the music director of the singer Jane Seabury and toured with it around the world.

But the passion for cooking still took her. So, in 1996, Bob stops his studies musical creativity and met with some of the most respected chefs of our time. They were sympathetic to his desire to understand the secrets of the culinary arts. Thanks received during the cooperation with them in practice and deep theoretical knowledge, and, of course, the enthusiasm, he was able to reveal fully their culinary skills, and find opportunities that previously he could not even imagine!


But it all began Bob Blumer four years earlier. The appearance in 1992 on the culinary scene Mr Bloomer most experts working in the field of human activity except explosion which has turned upside down view of the culinary arts, do not call. As we mentioned above, in the years Bob, not without success, studied music. But (it happens in any person) had a desire to get some rest, take time out, which he did.

A break in the music-making has allowed Bob to satisfy a passion for cooking, is present in him since childhood: in September 1992, the publisher Chronicle Books he released his book "The Surreal Gourmet: Real Food for Future ChefsВ» (The Surreal Gourmet: Real Food for Pretend Chefs, September 1992). The newspaper San Francisco Chronicle described it as: "This is more than a cookbook, it is a guide to a better life. This book - an instant classic, perhaps the most witty and informative book on decades of culinary theme. "

Literary creativity.

At the moment, Mr. Bob Blumer - author of five cookbooks, which are in great demand among fans of delicious dishes.

In 2000, the publishing house Ballantine Books Inc was published in his book В«Off the Eaten PathВ», above the same name accompanies the show.

Four years later, in November 2004, Bob has published his next manuscript "Surreal Gourmet Bites: Persons, closed the show and start a conversationВ».
Bob Blumer
In 2009, he co-authored with Elizabeth Karmel wrote best-selling book "Pizza Grilled", published by "Taunton". Her success was an occasion to write again together, 2nd edition, over what Bob and Elizabeth at the moment and work.

And the last book written by Mr. Bloomer, released in October 2010, has been named a very original way: not just "Food ..." and "Gluttony in Pleasure".

Being a wine expert, Bob has participated as a judge in the competition В«Los Angeles Country FairВ» and В«San Francisco WineВ». In addition, he is the author of numerous short stories on the theme of wine. And one of his favorite activities is interviewing enthusiasts of this drink, such as a singer Tori Amos and actor Jason Priestley.

Work on television and awards.

Bob - very frequent guest of various television programs. Throughout his career, Chef, Mr. Bloomer was seen on television in more than 400 episodes!

Bob was the recipient of numerous awards for the creation of popular television programs culinary topics. The first one was awarded to him in 2000 for the TV show "Out of the path to the food". The following year, 2001, he was awarded for the program "The best pizza, grilled". Since then, almost every year was marked by the presentation of awards for his next creation unusual show. Let's call a few of them.

Year 2004 Award from the В«Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best US Cookbook Accompanying a TV ShowВ» - В«World Books Foodies" for the best in the US Povarskaya book accompanying the TV show (meaning the show "Surreal Gourmet").
Bob Blumer Bob Blumer Bob Blumer
In 2008goda Mr. Bloomer was awarded В«Galaxi Award for Best Information Program В»-В« Galactic award for best information program (we are talking about a TV show Glutton for Punishment - Punishment for Gluttony).

Fourth in April 2012 on the channel В«Food Network CanadaВ» show debuted Bob Bloomer "the most incredible restaurants in the world". See it can not only residents of Canada and the United States: the show is broadcast in more than 20 countries around the world. In search of unusual catering establishments, passionate and tireless lover of gastronomic surprises, Bob Blumer tirelessly travels around the world. For example, his camera has recorded as a Japanese restaurant "Isakayya" beer submits visitors ... macaque monkey. And in one of the restaurants in New York he took the episode as VIPs, nudists have dinner in the nude. Restaurant "Modern Toilet" in Taipei, Taiwan's capital, also impresses with its outrageous: there curry dishes served in miniature porcelain ... toilets.

Bob Blumer

Currently, Mr. Bloomer live in his house, located in the prestigious neighborhood of Los Angeles В«Hollywood HillsВ» - Hollywood Hills (California, USA).

The question posed to him as a journalist online publication В«lifestyleasia.comВ», whoever he was, if he was not a chef, Bob said that, most likely, would continue his music career, although it is possible that became be a professional cyclist. Cycling - another passion of his children, whom he has not forgotten to this day, in his fifty. His neighbors often see Bob actively pedaling his bike op canyon Hollywood Hills. Thus, it maintains its physical shape, which will be useful to him in future adventures!
Bob Blumer on - YouTubewhat

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