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Bill Granger

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Biography Bill Granger.

Bill Granger, or the path to success of a talented self-taught.

Often leads to the occupation of cooking Bill Granger that people in their way of thinking becomes a philosopher. Indeed, what does not change your mind just standing at the stove for a long time! Change the outlook of a direct impact not only on the process of cooking and on the list of ingredients, but, first of all, the choice of methods of performing culinary works.

Elected and cultivated famous chef Bill Granger approach to the procedure for creating any, including exquisite, dishes can be described in one word: "quiet". This means, on the one hand, in that it uses no excess, and on the other that of the simple ingredients can he prepared delicacy. And, of course, no fuss in the kitchen! This approach has provided Mr. Granger increase its popularity.

Born in 1971 in Melbourne, aged 19 years, Bill moved to Sydney and enrolled in the "Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology", which became a student of the Faculty of Architecture. But, in view of lack of money, he was forced to look for a part-time to finance their studies. After some searching, he found a waiter in one of the restaurants in town. This work has changed his perception of reality shift the focus from art to food. Did not finish my studies at the Royal Institution, he left it, deciding to devote himself to cooking.


His first restaurant, Mr. Granger opened in 1993 in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst. Without further ado, this place is so named Bill: В«BillsВ». It can translate in two ways. The first - the name "Bill" in the possessive case, ie "Restaurant Bill" with missing apostrophe. A second method, it is less likely because it sounds prosaic - "Accounts". We prefer the first option. However, as you like. We note only that the popularity of the restaurant brought his breakfast, to be precise - they are an essential attribute - scrambled eggs.
Bill GrangerBill GrangerBill Granger
Consummate taste of this dish brought to the fact that Bill jokingly became known as "Lord of the eggs." For the first in 1996, followed by a second restaurant В«Bills Surry HillsВ». The name says about where it is located: Surry Hills - a suburb of the old part of the town. Opening the third places Mr. Granger fan of his culinary talent had to wait for 9 years. In 2005, he opened a restaurant В«Bills WoollahraВ».

Outside Australia first restaurant В«BillsВ» appeared in 2008 in Japan, in Tokyo, where Bill lived for six months. The huge popularity of this institution in the Land of the Rising Sun has led to the fact that until 2011 were opened 3 more restaurants В«BillsВ» in Yokohama, Kamakura, and, again, in Tokyo.
Bill GrangerBill Granger

Well, what the Australian does not want to start their own business in the UK! Indeed, for several centuries, until March 1968, Australia was a dominion of Great Britain, which was the establishment of not only cultural ties, but also the promotion of business interests between states. In 2011, Mr. Granger opened their first UK restaurant В«Granger & CoВ» in one of the destinations of foreign tourists - the London neighborhood В«Westbourne GroveВ». This area was chosen not by chance. Subject of increased interest of foreign visitors in it are not the historical or architectural value, and an abundance of shops in which they can fully carry out the procedure of shopping. And, of course, where else but in the restaurant they can relax and satisfy an appetite.

Literary activities and cooperation with the media.

Mr. Bill Granger is one of the most popular writers of our time writing on the culinary theme. Suffice it to say that from 2000 through 2011, he published eight (!) Of his books belonging to the category best sellers.

His first book (2000) В«Bill's Sydney FoodВ» devoted, in accordance with its name, the food served in restaurants Mr. Granger, located in this city.
Bill GrangerBill GrangerBill GrangerBill GrangerBill Granger

The second of his literary work was published in 2002. And though the title of this book in one word short name of the first - В«Bill's FoodВ», its theme is more extensive, as written without reference to the region.

In 2003 was published the third book by Bill Granger В«Bill's Open KitchenВ». In it, apart from its magnificent salad recipes, you can find a description of how to make desserts with Asian and Middle Eastern accents, such as pistachio cookies or coconut cake with the seasoning of macadamia - a plant that grows mainly in Eastern Australia, New Caledonia, and Indonesia.

And further: the year 2005- В«Simply BillВ»; 2006 - В«Bill Granger Every DayВ». In 2009 came just two books culinary celebrity: В«Feed Me Now!В» And В«HolidayВ». In 2010 was published a book В«Bill's Basics front coverВ».

2011 marked the advent of the book market next bestseller Mr. Granger В«Bill's Everyday AsianВ».
As evidence of the popularity of his words about the literary works will be called one figure only as of October 2005 in the world has sold more than 500,000 (!) Copies of the books, Bill.

In 2004, the Australian television broadcast with great success 6-part film В«Bill's FoodВ», loosely based on the eponymous book. A large number of positive reviews about the film led to the fact that in 2005, "Food Bill" was featured on the channel in the UK VVS2, collecting 2-millionth audience of viewers! Somewhat later, film screening was repeated on BBC1 channel. Overall, the show could see the people in 22 countries. Looking ahead, we say that this picture, since its popularity, was continued, which can be seen on various TV channels networks.
Year 2006, the month of June: channel GMTV, now known as ITV Breakfast Limited, showed a film of Mr. Granger's "Weekly barbecue", filmed in the south of France.

In February 2011, Australian television screens released film with his participation В«Tasty Roast Dinner with PancettaВ».
Bill GrangerBill GrangerBill Granger

ABC Radio 702 for 2 weeks broadcasted in which, in addition to Mr. Granger, participated Richard Glover, is very popular in Australia, writer and broadcaster. The subject of their discussion were the recipes submitted by a famous chef. In 2011, Bill Granger became an independent writer and leading his column in the weekly Australian food Browser В«SundayВ».

Currently, he lives in his big and beautiful house on the beach with his wife and three lovely daughters. Prepare food for the family is the prerogative of the Bill. Following his manner, he works in the kitchen without any hint of a hurry, fuss and nervousness. And always with a smile on his face and in good spirits. Prepare breakfast, he invites everyone to sit down at a table set. Especially fun to see pretty well-fed husband Bill surrounded by little girls.

Bill's Kitchen: Notting Hill - Aussie Burger - BBC Lifestyle

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Biography Bill Granger