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Benjamin Christie

Biography Benjamin Christie.
(Benjamin Christie)

Tastefully for life!

Benjamin Christie was born and raisedBenjamin Christie in Sydney, Australia, and now his name is known to every citizen of the country. He might be glorified as an actor or a politician, but as recognized by the famous chef, thoughts of another profession, he simply could not be.

The thing is that most of his childhood watching Christy culinary art of his mother. His first solo experience took place when very young, he helped her to bake bread. It's been a long time since Benjamin established himself as one of the most innovative and talented chefs in Australia and the world.

Just out of school, Christy immediately started training in The Watermark Restaurant in Sydney. This unique opportunity he received because of awards won during independent practice and constant participation in various competitions. Years spent there, have not been in vain for Benjamin. He not only learned the basic skills and the subtleties of cooking, but also from the chef Kenneth Leung took over the basics of running a successful kitchen. After graduation, Benjamin worked as a chef in restaurants such as Executive Keppel Island Resort, Parkroyal Perth, Angsana Spa Resort and Banyan Tree Resort in Indonesia.

  From the heat in the kitchen, Benjamin in 2003 moved to the telecast Dining Downunder with Vic Cherikov. It is this program has made a real star Christy. The duo also wrote and self published a cookbook Dining Downunder, which included personal recipes, as well as collected after traveling around Australia. Dining Downunder is still one of the most popular independent programs on Australian television.

Since then, Vic and Benjamin was referred to as Australian chefs number one. Together, they have devoted to the subtleties of modern Australian cuisine, almost the whole world from Bangkok to Rhode Island and Prague. Worked culinary ambassadors of Australia, and presented at the home shopping and tourist activities, including at the Australian week in Los Angeles and Moscow.

Fresh and modern personality Benjamin quite obvious to taste cuisine, which includes indigenous Australian ingredients thoroughly in conjunction with goods available in every home. His recipes often appear in major international newspapers and magazines, which dictate fashion to food. Christie also easily share their recipes in blogs and videos on your personal site, which is one of the ten most popular in the world, including Internet portals chefs.
Benjamin Christie Benjamin Christie

  But Benjamin did not stop only on the conduct of the kitchen. Outside of it's founder and managing director of the advertising network Gourmet Ads. Clients range from small Christie food producers to multinational food companies and wine. Finally, Benjamin is currently writing a book called The Kitchen Profitability - Chef food to be tasty and useful without great material and physical costs.

Besides hobbies cooking and business Benjamin has two very real hobby. This airplane flights and photography. The chef says that a teenager had always wanted to become a pilot, but as a sort of "distracted" for cooking. Christie did not care until he started working in the Executive Keppel Island Resort, where a quarter of the resort actually occupied the runway. So there was desire to fly again. "My house was located at the end of the band, and when I was not busy in the kitchen, just sat there and watched as the guests arrive. It inspired me to go and get a pilot's license "- Benjamin told about his hobby site visitors.
Benjamin Christie

   Over the past few years as chef interested in professional photography. He specifically bought a camera Nikon D200 and now constantly puts your photos on the site to the fans could see the results of his work.

In general, communication with the fans an integral part of the life of Benjamin. He listens to every opinions and comments. Most recently, on its website, he opened the heading «Q & A with Chef Benjamin" where the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Here are some of them:

winked 1. Your favorite meal?

-Krevetki - Barbie sprinkled with pepper and lemon mayonnaise Alpine Myrtle.

winked 2. Favorite ingredients?

-Moreton Bay Bugs or Balmain Bugs, which are similar to lobster tentacles. They have a sweet juicy flesh, and both are great on the barbecue or in a pasta dish.

winked Favourite Australian component? -I really enjoy using Paperbark in all kinds of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables.

winked 4. Favorite white wine?

-Risling from Margaret River in Western Australia

winked 5. Favorite red wine?

pinene Noir from the Yarra Valley in Victoria

winked 6. The most significant car in the kitchen?

I have a home - a machine for the manufacture of ice cream, and ideas for taste - are endless.

winked 7. House or the beach?

Beach. I am a lover of the Great Barrier Reef.

winked 8. MySpace or Facebook?

Facebook. It's like a habit.

winked 9. My favorite gadget for traveling?

The device sounds overwhelming. Helps for a wonderful sleep on the plane.

winked 10. Favorite city for eating?

Las Vegas - awesome "electric" city. Is fast becoming one of the biggest cities in the world for food.

winked 11. Favorite food at home?

Chipolte, I love burrito with grilled chicken, cilantro-lime rice, tomato salsa and guacamole.

winked 12. Perfect weekend?

When I spend time with his girlfriend Jen.

winked 13. What's playing in your IPod?

This mix - Esikmo Joe, John Butler Trio, Barenaked Ladies, Dixie Chicks. Add to this podcast from Bill Maher, CBS 60 Minutes and 2GB Radio.

winked 14. What do not you have?

I remember in Thailand offered fried cockroaches. Just could not bring myself to put it in his mouth.

winked 15. Favorite type of restaurant?

I really like to Yum Cha for lunch on the weekends with friends. For dinner, I love seafood restaurant, which offers a simple grilled fish or shrimp.

winked 16. What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?

NATO in Japan. This soy normally served breakfast. The smell was very bad, and I just could not digest it.

winked 17. What are your weaknesses as a chef?

I always take the best ingredients, which are generally the most expensive.

winked 18. It is easy to cook for you or you are a critic?

I know people who are afraid to cook for me, because I am a chef. And in vain, because I'm not criticizing anyone.

winked 19. If you had not become a chef, what to do?

Benjamin ChristieBenjamin Christie
Я to become a pilot. This childhood passion!

  I am very sure that many gourmets around the world are delighted that Christie has chosen a different path in life. And now, thanks to this, we can enjoy the wonderful dishes, as well as learn how to cook for themselves.

It would be nice if you appreciated this article!

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