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Anthony Thompson

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Biography Anthony Worrall Thompson

Anthony Worrall Thompson, was not a Puritan.

Conducted in the UKРѕРїСЂРѕСЃС‹Anthony Thompson Public opinion polls show that most beloved chef citizens United Kingdom is none other than Mr. Anthony Worrall Thompson. And this despite the fact that in this country was born and still cultivated Puritanism (lifestyle, characterized by an extremely strict morals). But inconsistencies puritanical Mr. Thompson abound. Let's call a few of them.

First, a few years ago became public the fact that it has an illegitimate child. And he said to him, Anthony unabashedly, joking at the same time that "the boy was from Bonk." Secondly, the Puritans hardly approve of the fact that Mr. Thompson officially combined legal marriage three times, twice at the same time of divorce.

So what is the secret of "national love" to the 60-year-old Anthony? The answer is simple: along with its really high culinary skills, their contribution to the achievement of their immense popularity has invested so-called "fourth power", that is, the media, television and radio.

The path to glory.

Born Mr. Anthony Worrall Thompson May 1, 1951, in a schoolboy any English town Stratford upon Avon. You probably also heard about this populated area in the county of Warwickshire (Warwickshire): even the great Shakespeare come from there!

Anthony's parents, Michael Ingham - father and Joan Duncan - mother served Melpomene, working in local theater actors. When the child was 3 years old, her parents divorced.
Anthony Thompson
Secondary education, Mr. Thompson received a В«King's SchoolВ» in Canterbury, located in Kent. Playing rugby, he received a serious injury face. In order to remedy its consequences, Anthony had to wait until he was 22 years old, starting from this age in England allowed plastic surgery.

After school, he continued his studies in В«Westminster Kingsway CollegeВ» in "Hotel management".

First job Mr. Thompson became a hotel in Essex. In this regard, he stopped receiving letters from her grandmother, obviously tough Puritan, which is rumored could not bring myself to write the word Essex on the envelope because of the obscene sense (according to my grandmother), his secondслога.
Anthony ThompsonAnthony ThompsonAnthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson
In 1978, Anthony moved to London and gets the post sous-chef (Deputy Chef) of one of the restaurants of the chain restaurants Brinkley on the street Fulham Road. A year later he became its chef. Having worked in this position for the same period of time, Mr. Thompson took a long vacation, which spent in France, sitting in the kitchen of a restaurant. Returning to London, he, along with his business partner Hassan opens his case directly related to food preparation - Issue pans. It would seem that the subject of entrepreneurship is far from glorious future famous chef! But this is not true. This unassuming business allowed Anthony to make start-up capital to open his first restaurant, which he did in 1981.


Interestingly the name of his firstborn: В«MГ©nage Г  TroisВ». Literally translated from French into Russian, his voice can be as follows: "Cooking for three" This institution was opened in the prestigious area of London Knightsbridge - В«Knights Bridge", located almost in the center of London. A distinctive feature of the restaurant is its menu in which preference is given to a variety of appetizers, desserts and puddings.
Anthony Thompson
Somewhat later, Mr. Thompson has opened several successful restaurants, among them such as В«Wiz and WozВ» in west London and В«MetroВ» in the neighborhood of Jersey city. Each of these institutions reflects an individual approach to feeding their owner.

Until the end of 2006 acted as Anthony Head (Director) Catering unique restaurant «Old Luxters Barn» in the county of Buckinghamshire. Its uniqueness is that visitors do not eat and rest in a building made of stone, concrete or brick. Tables are covered in rooms design styled huts ancestors. Sami hut form a closed rectangle, the inner area is lined with cobblestones and is an ideal place for fun and relaxedвремяпрепровождения.
Anthony ThompsonAnthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson


But, as in the life of any person, in which the light bar is replaced by dark, successful period of activity of Mr. Thompson replaced by a period of problems to solve that without material losses he failed. Bombshell burst in 2009. His holding company restaurants В«AWT RestaurantsВ» was translated under the "Administration". What is meant by this term?

In short, this procedure is to ensure that creditors to whom the company owes insolvent certain amount of money is not lost funds invested in it. In the company, unable to pay it back, on their behalf shall be appointed temporary administrator. Business is sold, and the proceeds are used to repay debt.
Anthony Thompson

Four institutions, whose owner was Mr. Uorral Thompson, were closed. Among them, 2 restaurants: the first - В«Notting GrillВ» in one of the neighborhoods of West London, the second - В«Barnes GrillВ» in the South West of London. More also were closed 2 pubs, one of them - in the hotel В«Lamb InnВ», and the other, in Berkshire - with the intriguing title В«GreyhoundВ», which is translated into Russian as "Greyhound". Total unemployed were more than 60 people.

But part of the property owned by the holding company В«AWT RestaurantsВ» managed to save: Mr. Thompson personally bought two remaining places: В«Windsor GrillВ» in Berkshire and В«Kew GrillВ» in South-West London. In the same ill-fated 2009, a little later, Anthony and bought his "dogs". That is the restaurant business Mr. Thompson died, and was continued.

Of the materials published in the media, has become known figure the amount of debt caused by the closure of the company network - about 800 000 pounds, and the number of creditors - 214 (!)


Anthony first appeared on television in 1994 in the programs В«Ready Steady CookВ» and В«Food and DrinkВ» (Cooking) on the channel VVS2.

In 2003, it can be seen and heard in the second edition of serial cycle «I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!» (I - a celebrity ... get me out of here), which was broadcast by the same company and replaced VVS2 program "Saturday Kitchen »with Greg Wallace. Later both of these programs have been translated into BBC1, freeing thus time for display on VVS2 morning childrenпередач.
Anthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson
In June 2006, Mr. Thompson received a favorable financially offer from ITV to take part in the program В«Prospect PicturesВ», in which, apart from him, participates wine expert from Australia Matt Skinner. Taking it, Anthony was forced to withdraw from the transfer of В«Ready Steady CookВ». On the channel BBC Anthony can be seen in the program with a name similar to one of the above - В«Saturday KitchenВ». Her master is James Martin, and the program compares favorably with the program being aired on BBC1.

Since the middle of 2008, Mr. Anthony Vorral is a frequent guest on the transfer of В«Soap EmmerdaleВ», in which he serves as a judge in the contest В«Pub of the YearВ». In early January 2012, central British media have published information that can finally put an end to the reputation of Mr. Thompson as a Puritan. It says that he "accidentally" "forgot" to pay for self-checkout in one of the stores of the company В«TescoВ» cheese and wine. The cameras of the enterprise trade recorded this unseemly act celebrity chef.
Anthony Thompson

And this case is not the only one! According to reports in the British press, such notice him regularly. What is the age (in 2011 Anthony Vorralu 60 years old), or kleptomania? And even though the presence of the disease culinary celebrity denies still apply to professionals it is going.

Antony Worrall Thompson - Toasties

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Biography Anthony Worrall Thompson