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Annabel Karmel

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Biography Annabel Karmel.

Annabel Karmel: proper nutrition of children - the key to their future health.

Mrs. Annabel Jane Annabel Karmel Karmel was born in 1963 - the best-selling author in the United Kingdom of books devoted to the issues of infant and child nutrition. At the moment, from under her pen were published more than 20 best-selling books. This fact allows us to consider Mrs. Carmel expert in the development and promotion of delicious and nutritious food for kids, cooking for parents who do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

In addition to books, she regularly writes articles for national newspapers UK В«The TimesВ», В«The Daily MailВ», В«Sunday MirrorВ», and also cooperates with such popular periodicals such as "Practical ParentingВ», BBC Good Food and Sainsbury's Magazine - magazine published by Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd.

Beginning of her creative work was the tragedy: she lost her baby, first child, a girl Natasha when she was only 3 months, so that the subject of her research was the topic of active power newborns. Culinary education Mrs Carmel was in the famous educational institution В«Cordon BleuВ».

Personal life.

Success on the culinary scene, according to Mrs. Carmel was made not because of, but in spite of her upbringing by parents. Father - a businessman and his mother - an architect, had not taught as a child to Annabelle art of cooking, so the thought of cooking food and work as housewives only spoil her mood. Parents dream was to give her a full musical education. So, being a talented harpist, Miss Annabelle studied first at the Royal College of Music (Royal College of Music), and when she was 18, she went to Holland and continued his studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Music at The Hague.

But, like all students, she did not have enough money, so she began to cook their own meals at her mother expelled recipes. So she began to take up the cause of the chef. Reach heights in it was not easy, but the other choice Anabel was not, as to cook food for her there was no one. Over time, cooking has become a hobby now that promotes real relaxation after a hard day. Received Miss Carmel В«Cordon BleuВ» is not only for entertainment, but also to fully meet unexpectedly arose the desire to learn cooking from "A" to "Z".
Annabel Karmel Annabel Karmel Annabel Karmel
At 22, she met Simon Karmel, broker, trading in oil, and in 1984 they were married. Career as a musician had to leave, and life Annabelle turned into a vicious circle: the shop - house - cooker. Everything that she had dreamed of at the time - it's a baby girl. For those who wish, but, as yet, an imaginary daughter she even started to sew clothes. Unfortunately, all attempts to get pregnant unsuccessful. So passed a month by month. Mrs. Anabel was in despair when, two years after the wedding, came the best moment in her life: she learned that finally has a heart as the long-awaited child.

Natasha was born in August 1987, and was, according to Annabelle, perfectly healthy child. The first three months were full of bliss: Annabelle did not depart from his little girl on a step. But in October, suddenly, she began to look not as usual. Caused by a pediatrician, found nothing, called Mrs. Annabelle overly fussy mother. Indeed, a child's temperature was not simply behaved daughter somehow calmly, even sluggish. The couple turned for advice to the hospital В«Great Ormond StreetВ», where Natasha was adopted for the survey. Scan results simply shocked: the part of the brain child dies and there is no chance of survival. At 13 weeks of his life the girl died. The couple was just desperate, but the desire to have a child will not leave any Annabelle nor Simon.

So in August 1988, was born a little Nicholas Carmel, bringing it to his parents immense happiness. Currently, Mrs. Carmel has three children, who live in a house that looked like a palace, located in the north-west area of London St John's Wood.

Literary creativity.

In the process of writing the first book, published in 1991 - The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner Annabel made it combined the opening with their own experience and knowledge, but also actively cooperated with a registered dietitian. The book became a hit, and was approved by the organization В«Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick ChildrenВ», dealing with nutritional problems of sick children. This book is currently ranked among the top 20 best-selling books.
Annabel Karmel Annabel Karmel
Since that time, Mrs. Karmel wrote more about two dozen books on the topic of proper nutrition toddlers and infants, including self-help books, studying which children learn to cook their own meals. Among them are loved by readers as My Kitchen Table - Annabel Karmel: 100 Family Meals, year of publication 2011, (Annabel Karmel's Favourite Family Recipes, 2005). This list goes on and on, but we will not spend time on it, because it easily can be found on the boundless expanse of the World Wide Web.

Deserves also attention to the work of Mrs. Carmel on television. She is a frequent guest of such popular TV shows as "Today ShowВ», (The CBS Early Show) and (The View).

Awards Mrs. Carmel.

In June 2006, Annabel was Annabel Karmel awarded a the most respected awards in the UK - Order В«The Most Excellent Order of the British EmpireВ» (abbreviated as "MBE"), established at the beginning of the last century by King George V. UK award ceremony was timed to celebrate the Queen's birthday, United Kingdom Elizabeth II.

November 19, 2009 Mrs. Carmel was awarded the prestigious prize in the nomination В«Mother & Baby AwardsВ» from В«Lifetime Achievement AwardВ». These awards are generally awarded for significant contributions in the field of baby food made throughout his creative career of the nominee, not the individual, even unique, his achievement. A week later, on November 27, she was awarded by В«Caterer and Hotelkeeper Excellence in Food & DrinkВ» in the category "Home Cooking for Kids" recipe for her dishes "Spaghetti bolognese with a hidden vegetable sauce."

Currently, Mrs. Carmel actively cooperates with the leading sites of the United States, created for parents and highlights on its pages the most pressing issues of child nutrition. Among them are, as В«Family.comВ», В«Sesame StreetВ», and В«Baby CenterВ».

Of all the books written by her, at Annabel has their favorite. These include the following: "First course for babies and toddlersВ» (First Meals for Babies and Toddlers), В«favorite family dishesВ» (Favorite Family Meals) and "Cook togetherВ» (Cook It Together). In the latter, she says, as is necessary to teach children from an early age to the process of cooking so that it does not cause them a wave of rejection, and was kind of fun.

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Biography Annabel Karmel