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Anjum Anand

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Biography Anjum Anand

Indian food - it's just

Anjum Ananad was born August 15, 1971РіРѕРґР°Anjum Anand in London, where her parents emigrated from New Delhi. Speaks French and Spanish. She studied in Paris and Madrid. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Higher Business School in Geneva. "Cooking for me yavlyaetsyanekim rite.

I think that through my hands in the food of my energy goes through it and transferred to my loved ones. And I want to have their memories of home food were the warmest memories "- says Anjum Anand, a successful British TV presenter, author of five best-selling books on Indian cooking, and just a wonderful wife and mother of two children.

She admitted that wherever she lived in Europe, the home of her was always filled with the spirit of his native India. First of all, the birthplace of the ancestors associated to it with spicy aromas that fill the kitchen, which serves Indian food. They not only reminded her of a beautiful and distant land, but so were her daily food - delicious, easy and healthy.

Her family has always respected national traditions of Indian cuisine. This passion and commitment to the cultural values of the native people and passed on Anjum Anand. India - with its riot of colors and exotic flavors, millennial traditions of taste - was for her an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Inexhaustible in its capabilities and diversity of the Indian national cuisine would get a chance to be presented to the world - and she got it in the form of Anjum
Anjum Anand Anjum Anand Anjum Anand
After finishing education, she decided to devote himself entirely to the kitchen. Anjum began to gain experience in restaurants around the world, particularly in the cafe spice in New York, at the Mondrian in Los Angeles, an Indian restaurant Park Royal Hotel in New Delhi. In 2007, she broke into television. Thanks to its programs on BBC 2, Indian cuisine loved not only in the UK but also worldwide. Total for some years Anjum Anand became the face of Indian cooking. Her show "Indian food - it's just" came out in prime time and was a resounding success. Anjum Anand has been called "the Indian NigellaВ». Each issue of its program opened the world more and more new faces hitherto unknown to Europeans Indian cuisine.

Lightweight, low-calorie flavors of Indian cuisine.

First of all, it was a daily home-cooked meals - she taught housewives cook at home is easy, fast and healthy breakfasts and lunches. She wanted to refute the common perception bias that Indian cuisine is something peculiar and exotic - not everyday. And she does not get tired to prove - each of its television program, a book - what to cook Indian dishes are easily and quickly every day. But the famous chef stipulates that the dishes offered her home is different from what is prepared in Indian restaurants. Her recipes - it's lighter, low-fat, balanced meal. That it captures the essence of Indian cuisine. Anjum only adapts it to the realities of the present day: the food should be cooked quickly, easily and in accordance with the concept of healthy food.
Anjum Anand Anjum Anand Anjum Anand Anjum Anand

Being a writer is also profitable.

Recipes featured in the first cycle of its programs, included in her book В«Indian food to cook simple", which remained on the bestseller list in the for eight weeks and has sold more than 275,000 copies. Her first book В«Indian Every Day: Light, Healthy Indian FoodВ» with simple recipes from my childhood came much earlier. She did not think then publish it. Was for myself, not to forget their favorite dishes, keep them for others. The basis of the third book В«The new Indian cuisine from AnjumВ» material entered the second season of its program on BBC2 in 2008. And in 2009, the chef has been recognized by the British TV Personality of the Year.
Anjum Anand
Anjum Anand became the first writer to put together a book of Indian recipes for those who care about their health. It came out in 2010 and has become one of the best selling books dedicated to health. It is called В«Eat what suits your constitution".

In it, based on the ancient Indian teachings of Ayurveda, Anjum preaches a healthy lifestyle, and warns against disorders associated with eating. At the heart of the teachings of holistic perception of the human body and the food that he takes. The diet should meet the individual constitution. To correctly select it, you need to be able to associate it with the quality of the quality of different food. For eight years, Anjum studied this effect in his book offered to readers for more than 80 recipes based on their own ideas about teaching. Most recently been published and the fifth book, "I love curry." This is a collection of favorite recipes for home and restaurant.

Life on three houses

Today Anjum regular guest cooking channelAnjum Anand and author of culinary pages on The Times Online. In spring 2011, she and her husband Adarsh Sethia launched a new line of traditional Indian sauce The Spice Tailor.

Each of its kind comes with specially selected spices from Anjum Anand, which give the dish a unique taste of home. She lives with her husband and children, and Mahi Aditey, three houses - in London, New Delhi and Calcutta - and does not consider himself a celebrity.
"I'm just doing what he likes," - she said.

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Biography Anjum Anand