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Ana Sortun

Category: Celebrity chefs

Biography Ana Sortun.

Sortun is the only one in the country, "the best creative practice merger".

Her food "inspired".Ana Sortun - Mimi Sheraton, В«Eating My WordsВ».
Ana Sortun the best creative practice to merge styles of cooking, whose specialty: Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on Turkey, with a French influence. Products Sortun - it's just a deeply traditional and inventive. - Catharine Reynolds, В«New York TimesВ».

Ana was born in Seattle. Her interests as a teenager went far beyond her hometown. Culinary Career Ana begins with enrollment in its В«L'Ecole FrancaiseВ» in her hometown of Seattle, when she was 17 years old. After two years later, having mastered the French language and freely talking to him, she moved to Paris.

In the early 1990s, Ana graduated from culinary school in Paris "La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine" and earned a degree and a diploma with honors. And as it was obtained another diploma for the study of wine tasting at the academy "L'Academie du Vin" in Paris.

After Paris Sortun returned to Seattle and got a job as an assistant chef Tom Douglas in "Cafe Sport". In 1990, she prokinul coast and headed to Boston for the position of executive chef at "Aizho BistroВ» in Concord, Massachusetts, where she Magazine "Boston Magazine" was recognized as "Best New Chef".

Rising Star

With "Aizho Bistro" owner Moncef Mebed opened a restaurant "8 Holyoke" in Cambridge, where Ana Sortun developed a menu that combines its classic French training with Mediterranean elements. Boston magazine "Esquire Magazine" immediately noted the novelty of the restaurant's menu including traditional city restaurants and Ana Sortun dubbed as the "rising star" in the restaurant community of the city.

The same role was assigned to it in January 1996 as a chef "Casablanca" at the Harvard Square, Cambridge. At this time the name of Ana Sortun appears in Boston culinary community. Her French-Mediterranean style combined with the experience and confidence received a lot of praise and attention from the press, including such publications as the "New York Times", "Playboy", "Food and Wine "," Bon Appetit ", and" Gourmet ".
Ana SortunAna Sortun
Ana Sortun travel abroad had a significant influence on her style of cooking. Kitchen France, Spain, Italy and Turkey gathered in one kitchen in January 2001, when she opened her own restaurant Oleane in Cambridge. Becoming known in Boston because of the unique Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine restaurant of his mistress got a lot of local and national accolades, including "Best Pastry Chef", "Best Al Fresco Dining", as well as victory in the category "Best New Restaurant of America", in the competition of the magazine "Esquire Magazine", where the restaurant "Oleane" was among the 2002 nominnantov. Just a restaurant Anna was voted "Restaurant of the year" В«Boston PhoenixВ».

"Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean"

Thanks unconventional combinations of spices and flavors, originality and unsurpassed brightness in 2005, Ana became the owner of the James Beard awards in the category Awarded the Best Chef: Northeast. Like Sortun and its restaurant "Olea" found his house somewhere between Seattle andСредиземноморьем.
Ana SortunAna SortunAna Sortun
In May 2006, published the first book Ana "Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean" in the solid (22.18 $) and soft ($ 10.97) covers, which became a bestseller according to "Boston Globe" and "LA Times" and 2007 was nominated for the James Beard.

В«Farm SienaВ»

Ana jokes that her mother was always her Ana Sortun said that she will marry a farmer and now she was right. Ana met her future husband, Chris Kurt when he, as a grower of Athol, began to deliver in her restaurant "Oleane" vegetables. This gave certain prerequisites for success. All products, which was served at their wedding was grown and prepared by Chris Ana Sortun. In 2006, Chris bought a farm on 50 acres (20.23 hectares), which the couple dubbed a "farm SienaВ» (Siena Farms), naming it in honor of their little daughter. This farm provides Ana restaurant with all the necessary for his work fresh, organic food, organic, as well as an inspiration for culinary creativity Ana.

In August 2008, Anna Sortun and her long-time friend of the chef Maura Kilpatrick (Maura Kilpatrick) became partners to open a bakery with a cafe В«SofraВ» (Sofra Bakery & Cafe) in Belmont - a city in eastern Massachusetts, north-western suburb of Boston in Cambridge. "Sofra" - the Arabic word for a picnic on the carpet. That is, the guests sit at the institution more special table, which is covered with a rug for food and bakery with a cafe menu offers a unique style of food and bakery products mainly from Turkey, Lebanon, Greece. On the menu this cafe you can visit the website Opening hours cafГ©: Monday: 8: 00-17: 30; Tuesday-Friday: 8: 00-19: 00; Saturday-Sunday: 8: 00-18: 00.
Ana Sortun
In fact, one of the key problems when opening В«SofraВ» is assisting people in the knowledge that they want to eat food that is more complicated than usual, and they provide a simple alternative to fast food. Thus, in В«SofraВ» no sandwiches and familiar food in Boston, and there are stuffed with peas, potatoes or anything else tortillas, salad of celery with walnuts and garlic.

Meals prepared in a bakery with a cafe В«SofraВ» less common than the ones you see elsewhere that pushes customers to ensure that "stop and pay attention" to the products that they eat. And unlike the restaurant "Oleane", which is sedentary restaurant, informal atmosphere in В«SofraВ» she calls the family to visit. In 2009, a bakery with a cafe В«SofraВ» was the Award of Boston Magazine В«Best in BostonВ».
Ana SortunAna SortunAna Sortun
Ana and Chris live with their adorable daughter Siena Farm in Sudbury for Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sortun Kurt and a daughter who appreciates good food, not just the fancy stuff. Ana laughed when she explained that Siena has become a critic of power. she remembered the time when Siena was upset that her salad was topped with fried onions, exclaiming this:

"I do not want fries in my salad, Mom! I just wish it was my salad. "Ana and her husband are the parents and gourmets at the same time. They are the role model for all of us. They do not believe that their daughter will appreciate mashed eggplant or coconut ice cream and caramel passion, just as they are. But food is prepared in a bakery with a cafe В«SofraВ» they are already accustomed to it.

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Biography Anna Sortun.