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Aldo Zilli

Biography Aldo Zilli.

Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli English TV is an expert in fish and is able to combine simplicity with elegance

Aldo Zilli - the famous English chef, restaurateur and television personality, author of 10 bestsellers - knows all the secrets of Italian cuisine and their every morning starts with fishрынка.
Aldo ZilliAldo Zilli

am Mr. Zilli, you are a successful businessman, author and entertainer, but, first of all, you cook. And whatever you do in life revolved around the profession. You came to her at once? In general, how it all began?

- I was born in 1956 in Italy, in the resort town of Alba ninth child. I have seven older brothers and a sister. Can you imagine what it is - to be in such a horde last? I was almost always to himself. Hovered in the kitchen with my mother as I can remember, she was always busy cooking - easy to feed a crowd from, we were not rich, just ate, but it was healthy food: lots of greens, vegetables, fish, and eggs. Involuntarily began to help her. Being older, began to earn one assistant in the kitchen in restaurants, which was filled in the district. By the way, there in the open air was fed delicious fish. This taste of childhood, and I think: another such fish anywhere else then I have not tried. Places we had holiday, many tourists - that took part time these kids like me. But then I did not think that'll toque craft: too ugly was what I was doing. The realization came later, when I worked in a restaurant across Europe, because nothing else could. In 1976 he came to England. The owner of the restaurant where I worked, in Covent Garden, stepping down to retire, gave me his rent. Thus began my independent business. 6 years later I sold the restaurant and bought a new one.

am But now in England already chetyrerestorana branded Zilli. Probably hard to control such a vast business?

Yes, it's restaurants, cafes and bars, united under one name: «Zilli Fish», «Signor Zilli», «Signor Zilli Bar» and «Zilli Cafe», there is a restaurant in Brighton. And about control ... Optional constantly present itself to the success of a particular institution. The main thing - a well-organized kitchen work, train staff. And here it is important not only to create a team of like-minded, and to find a good chef, which you can learn how to cook just as you are. You need to get all of your vision ideas.

am Talk about your favorite restaurant?

- My main pride - fish and seafood restaurant Zilli Fish on Brewer Street, in Soho. I opened it up for more than 15 years ago, and since then he is always full of visitors. Next to the restaurant, we placed Zilli Café, which offers uncomplicated, but tasty, home-made pasta, appetizers and salads. We recently released L'Aperitivo, that good food can be washed down with good wine. In those places where I come from, know a lot about fish and honor the local culinary traditions. Zilli Fish Restaurant and became famous because we know how to cook the fish as it prepared an album - simple and delicious.
Aldo Zilli Aldo Zilli

am And what are they, Italian culinary traditions?

- First of all, it's big portions. Lots of pasta and spaghetti (we are called paste). This balance of products: a large number of vegetables, fish, seafood and olive oil. All this is reflected in my recipes. By the way, this restaurant, as well as all the rest - a great opportunity to realize all my fish (and other fish) recipes that we do six days a week from 12.00 to 23.00. Recipes are many, so the menu at the restaurant is constantly updated. But there is in it the dishes, which for many years remain the same - it's my specialty first courses. In addition, there are always excellent wine and dessert. We have not come lovers of culinary delights and frills, our motto: «honest food». This means only high quality and fresh ingredients. But the man who came to us at least once, usually becomes ourзавсегдатаем
Aldo Zilli Aldo Zilli

am Is it true that your every day begins with a fish market?

- Yes, choice of fish and seafood for his restaurant, I do not trust anyone. And do it early in the morning. I have my suppliers who already know all my requirements for quality.

am Restaurant Zilli Fish is very popular among celebrities, which only cost titles: "Restaurant of the Year", which he was awarded many times, "Restaurant shoubis».

- Yes, here zahazhivayut David Schwimmer, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwen Stefani and others. Among his visitors were even the first person in the country - the Prince of Wales and his bride Kate Middleton. And I can not call them cranky customers. They are ordinary people like you and me. Eat what is offered on the menu. But seriously speaking, I would like to have more visitors. Instead of coming to the restaurant for dinner once a week, people could visit us often. We have to do everything: special offers set menus.
Aldo Zilli Aldo Zilli

am You are known not only in England, but throughout the world due to multiple transmissions and show cooking. You regularly appears as a presenter and chef at "BBC Breakfast", in the "Ten Mile Menu". Leave no one indifferent, and the movie "Where the Heart Is," which tells of a boy orphan, for which you have become a mentor. But where to begin your television career?

- It was in 1996. On television I was invited one of my clients. My first program was called "Perfect pasta from Aldo Zilli», but glorify me cooking show "Good food for life." In 2005, I even participated in the reality show Celebrity Fit Club ITV1 (Fitness club celebrities), which has lost three months 21 kg of weight, but gained credibility and became a team captain in place of Julie Goodyear. There were a lot of transfers. I remember, on the BBC, in the "Show best friends" taught two charming girls to prepare spaghetti. In 2010, I was invited to his program "Big Fat Challenge" Lorraine Kelly. Her characters - people who are overweight. So, I helped obese family Chawner lose weight using a special diet.

am Do you have the time and cooperation with well-known brands ...

- With Thomson I worked for more than three years: for airlines «Thompson Airlines» and restaurants on cruise ships «Thompson Cruises» developed a special menu. For another partner, Kraft Foods, came up with six recipes soft cheese "Philadelphia".

am I should add that Aldo Zilli was the face of the advertising campaign and Kellogs Optivita ...

- Yes, this work has resulted in a partnership with M-catering supermarket Morrisons, which inspired me to create Calabrese pizza, which became a huge hit in sales.

am What inspired you to create baby food called "Childhood of Zilli», which is now full of all UK supermarkets?

- As a caring father of three children, I always took a great interest in healthy child nutrition. I'm also a section of recipes parenting magazine, where I give advice on nutrition of mother and child.
Aldo Zilli Aldo Zilli Aldo Zilli Aldo Zilli

am Since we are talking about children, tell us about them.

- Oh, this is my greatest achievement in life! I have a daughter from his first marriage, Laura, she is an adult. From his second marriage son Rocco and little Twiggy. You can not imagine what a pleasure - to nurse their own children after forty. I love my wife Nick and I consider myself to family life very happy man.

am Only in family life?

- Not only. I have achieved in life everything he wanted. And I would not change anything, the opportunity presents itself. To succeed in any business, you have to be very purposeful person and start from scratch. All my colleagues, famous chef, came out of the kitchen, as I do, and work wear for years. Therefore, I am grateful to all who have met on my way, even to the Sicilian chef in Berlin who mercilessly chased me, they were my teachers. About all this I wrote in his autobiography, «Being Zilli», published for the 50th anniversary.

am And what today Aldo Zilli? How it differs from Zilli, who are just starting a business in England?

-Today I became more calm and composed, in contrast to the impulsive boy of twenty-Italian, what came to London. Then I liked to be the center of attention, spinning among celebrities and nearly took his restaurant into bankruptcy. My idols in those years were Wham !, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet, I was lost with them in bars. It all ended in divorce from his first wife and almost financial collapse. But I found the strength to start all over again. And he set a goal: to turn your restaurant into one of the elite institutions of London. The first celebrity who began to appear in my restaurant became George Michael. Then they began to come and others. There were patrons. And everything went as it should. Today I'm on a diet, and almost do not drink. I can afford a glass of good wine in the company of his wife, but if you have the opportunity to choose, prefer a cup of mint tea. Almost nervous, do not raise your voice and do not swear, such as Gordon Ramsay. Probably because all that has already been established. My team understands me perfectly. I am a happy person, because I feel my gift from God, and there is no food to which I would be afraid to approach. So for me, it makes no sense to swear.
Aldo Zilli

am Traditional question: are your plans?

- I'm working on a new television program. Not because they do advertise yourself and your business, and not because the BBC is not enough cooking shows. Programs abound. Despite this, we still know little about food, and people do not want to cook at home. Therefore, such transfers must be more and do they need to be in the new format, as we do our program. Let's see what happens in the end. And the rest - organized work: my business, developing new recipes, cooking classes and, of course, family. In general, life boils. I am an extrovert, and I like that kind of life.

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