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» » Secrets of tea ceremony in China

Secrets of tea ceremony in China

Mysterious Chinese tea ceremony

The mythological story of the emergence of tea

As you know, Secrets of tea ceremony in China tea has a special place in the life every Chinese, and the tea party - a real ceremony, which is called the gongfu cha. Thanks to this nation, people from around the world have learned to drink nice and the drink. According to Chinese tea good thirst quencher and boosts immunity.

The first mention of tea dating from 4800 years ago. And tea is credited with identifying one significant figure of Chinese mythology, the divine ancestor of the Chinese nation Shen Nuno.

According to one of the existing legend, Shen Nong explore the surrounding areas of China, studied herbs, in order to determine which ones are poisonous and which can be used as drugs, and thus help people to cure disease.

The effect of all herbs Shen Nong experienced myself. Once he tried another unfamiliar plant, after which he became ill. He lay on the ground under another bush unknown to him and closed his eyes. Suddenly, from the leaves of the bush dewdrop slipped into his mouth. After that Shen Nong was relieved and the tide of cheerfulness. From that moment on, Shen Nong always carried with him the leaves of this medicinal shrub and used as an antidote. Thus, Shen Nong taught the ancient Chinese drink tea as a remedy. In addition, it is believed that tea was originally used as a ritual plant.

As a rule, in those days, only rich people could afford to drink tea. Unfortunately, it is not known when the tea from medicinal drink turned into everyday. Estimated date reduced to 1 in. BC It was then that the tea began to be widely publicized and sold in the market.

Features tea ceremony in China

It should be noted that the formation of the tea ritual in China took place in several stages. By tea tree tea and the Chinese had a special relationship. Basically, the tea treated as something more, especially, rather than simply as a beverage.

Chinese believed and continue to believe that tea helps a person to move away from minor everyday problems, focus on something more important and high. Consequently, complicated tea ceremony, where every movement was to bear a deep philosophical significance.
Secrets of tea ceremony in ChinaSecrets of tea ceremony in China
Еще since ancient times, tea ceremony began with the internal psychological preparation of man, ie man had to get rid of anything that irritates him, worried and stir. Only after gaining peace of mind, the man was ready for the tea ritual.

Over time, for such tea ceremonies began to build a special pavilion. They differed unusual beauty, ease, plenty of light and air. Typically, these pavilions were built in the nature amid the scenic landscapes, with lush vegetation, a mass of fragrant flowers.

External splendor and beauty of the tea pavilions simplicity conceals interior decoration. Typically, in such pavilions were placed small but comfortable sofas, tables, chairs, and in the evenings lit paper lanterns. On the whole, in the territory of the pavilions create all that helped set up an enthusiastic person to perception of the world. People come here to hang out, relax, reflect and just quench your thirst.

Chinese way of tea

According to the Chinese sage, tea ceremony should take place as a creative processсоблюдением
Secrets of tea ceremony in China Secrets of tea ceremony in China
all necessary rules. The main point in the preparation of tea is considered necessary to reveal its taste and aroma, as well as provide full enjoyment of this drink. To achieve these goals, it was necessary to choose the right: tea, as a rule, the look that best suits the mood. WATER for tea. Water should be used only fresh, preferably from the source of the spring, the river. Utensils for the preparation and consumption of tea.

According to Chinese tradition, the dishes for the tea can not be stored in the kitchen. The process of brewing tea also goes beyond that extraneous flavors could not affect the flavor of the tea. Previously used for tea utensils of silver and gold. But later it was replaced by ceramic and porcelain. Spoon poured tea, also made of porcelain or bamboo.

The process of brewing tea

The traditional processSecrets of tea ceremony in China заваривания Tea was little changed, and to date, has become more rational lines. Ever since the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in China tea brewed in special cups bowls with cover type, the amount of which does not exceed 200-250 ml. Call these bowls gaiwan. By all rights, in a bowl filled 4-5 grams of tea, which is filled with boiling water to & frac34; volume. Tea should brew for 2-3 minutes. Next, the tea is poured into another container so as not to open the lid. The tea should be drunk hot, sip, no added sugar and other seasonings.

Once drunk & frac34; the entire contents, the remaining residue again filled with boiling water. Thus, the process continues tea. The Chinese believe that the tea brew can be filled with up to four times. Sometimes in China have resorted to the use of teapots. Generally their amount is not more than 0.5 liters. In addition, there are those who only uses his personal tea and drink a drink from the spout of the vessel.

Collection and drying of tea

From the point of view of Secrets of tea ceremony in China Chinese medicine, or that teas should be drunk at a different time of year. So, better to drink spring flower teas, summer & ndash; green teas, autumn & ndash; Only young green, and in the winter & ndash; black tea varieties.

From April to October the harvest of tea harvest. Harvested leaves undergo various methods of drying, depending on the variety. A blocked in China, as is known, a great many. Leaves, for example, can be dried in special furnaces or can scald in boiling water, and after drying twist or can fry over low heat in a tin cylinder & hellip; There are a lot of ways.

Depending on the process of drying and degree of fermentation, there are several types of tea. This red (familiar to us black), white, green, yellow and others. Each of these types generally fall into many varieties, which number more than 1500. According to statistics, China's annual consumption of about 500 thousand tons of tea. With full confidence we can say that tea has become a drink all over the country, and tea culture has become a precious treasure of the Chinese nation.

Secrets of Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea Ceremony - Fujian

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