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Tea vs Seasons. Picking tea harvest

Season collecting tea

Tea - is a huge world,
placed in a small cup.
Talbahan DN.

Have you ever wondered, Tea vs Seasons. Picking tea harvest what determines the quality of tea? Of course, the quality of tea is dependent on the natural conditions and also on the season in which the harvesting is performed. Tea harvested in different seasons is very different.

There is not quite correct opinion that, the sooner will the harvest of tea, the better. Early tea consider tea, harvested until April. The size of the leaf tea in this period is not more than 1 centimeter. At this time, tend to collect leaves and 1 1 kidney. Thus, for the production of 500 grams of tea is processed to 2.5 kg of tea leaves. Because of the limited number of raw materials, it is difficult to collect.

Collection of tea - a complex, time-consuming manual process. In order to gain 1 kilogram of green leaves, you need to collect about 20 thousand leaflets manually. A kilogram of made tea contains up to 80 thousand leaflets.

Classification tea time collection

fellow Among the green, yellow and white teas are considered the best spring, a little worse - in the autumn, and the worst - summer.
 fellow Among the best red varieties - summer and worse in quality - spring.
 fellow Among the best varieties of flower - spring.
 fellow Oolong: Best Autumn collection.

Tea vs Seasons. Picking tea harvest

When and how to drink tea

Only true connoisseurs of tea prompt you that every pore of the year has its own tea. Spring is recommended to drink flower teas. It was at this time of year nature revives. Flower tea gives energy and eliminates the winter lethargy, drowsiness. One of the most popular spring teas in China - Jasmine. The aroma of jasmine flowers with green tea leaves give the drink a unique taste.

Tea vs Seasons. Picking tea harvestTea vs Seasons. Picking tea harvest

In the hot summer season, it is better to drink green tea. You can drink it hot or cold. The most popular green tea in Chinese tea is considered "Longqing Emperor."

With the onset of autumn, you can also drink green tea, but young. Chinese recommend tea "Oolong". According to Chinese medicine, the winter is better to prefer black tea varieties. It is able to warm black tea and retain heat in the body.

Harvesting tea camellias

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