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The origins of tea

Tea - a drink communication

In the real world tea can be described as a drink of hope, peace and friendship. Earlier tea was considered a drink of communication and convergence of people. Where did this precious drink, we will try to find in today's article. In the previous The origins of tea article we mentioned one of the versions (namely, the Chinese version of) the origin of tea. About tea plant mentioned in the I century AD, in a time when there was a character "cha". However, there is evidence that the Chinese knew about the case much earlier.

Now we use the tea in the first place, as the warming drink, but in the past was the main purpose of tea - drug. For three centuries the Chinese have worked hard to make tea the national drink. Gradually, this has led to the emergence of the tea ceremony.
The role of tea increased incredible pace. Tea trade is gaining momentum, since the 5th century. Tea from China sent through the Northern and Western Asia, Persia to Rome. Close to the 729 year tea appeared in Japan. Then tea became known residents of Korea, Indonesia, India. For example, the Indians have long believed tea drugs.

Years passed, changing era, and the role of tea in people's lives only strengthened. Tea mutated and acquired shaped powder consistency.
The origins of tea

Europe learned the taste of the tea leaves only in the 16th century. It was the Portuguese imported into Europe this wonderful drink. Closer to the 17th century tea appeared in the Netherlands and France. At the same time tea came to Russia. However, the country's tea was quite expensive, as has been very long way. In Russia, the tea has long been considered "urban drink." It is known that until the middle of the last century in the Russian capital, there was only one tea shop.

The Chinese say that the entire value of the tea - in the case, and a tea ritual - a way to expand it. Thanks to the respectful and reverent attitude of Chinese tea, they opened the manifold varieties, flavors and aromas of the drink.

Tea - a drink of all ages and eras. We can not imagine my life without him. Tea, on the right, may be referred to a drink of the 21st century.

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