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Necessary utensils for the tea ceremony

Tableware Tea

During the tea Necessary utensils for the tea ceremony, a special ceremony utensils. The quality of the dishes should be abolished, otherwise bad utensils can spoil the taste of the tea.

The most common dishes is made of porcelain and purple clay. Such dishes are not only retains heat well drink, but also has aesthetic value. Currently, you can find a lot of glass tea utensils. Despite the high thermal conductivity of such utensils, tea flavor quickly erode.

Choosing dishes for tea, give preference to smaller containers. Do not forget to buy bowls with lids (also referred to as gaiwan). In addition, you can not do and one teapot.

Necessary utensils for the tea ceremony


Into several groups:

hod Tools for oversleeping tea
  hod Tools for working with tea,
  hod Tools for pouring tea,
  hod Tools for drinking and for cleanliness.

smile tea pair

This kit includes a cup and lower cup. Poured into a glass tea cup cover and turn. Tea is served on a stand.
Necessary utensils for the tea ceremony

smile TEA Boxes

tea box is designed to explore the tea leaves. This happens a demonstration of tea to guests.


This is a tea table and a small tray, which drains water and tea. Form these boards are very diverse.
Necessary utensils for the tea ceremony Necessary utensils for the tea ceremony


maintain the optimum temperature for brewing tea. Appliance itself transparent, which allows to observe the process of boiling.

smile TOWEL

Lay a towel to blot the bottom of the kettle and remove excess dripping.

smile Dishes for made tea

In pottery tea when brewed divided into weak and concentrated. For homogeneous infusion tea is poured into a special container, which is called Chakha. There tea cools and is enriched with oxygen.

smile SPECIAL CUP gaiwan

The cup has a lid and palm rest. This dish can make tea and drink it.
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winked spoon for passing the welding;
  winked needle to clean the spout;
  winked funnel for oversleeping tea;
  winked tongs to hold the hot cups of tea leaves and extract;
  winked brush to clean the kettle.

For the tea ceremony are also important:

winked Sieve to strain the tea.
  winked Caddy for storing tea.
  winked Tea brewing.
  winked Stand for the kettle.
  winked capacity to drain excess water.

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