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Space for the tea ceremony

Secrets of the organization of space for the tea ritual,

Both the tea ceremony, and room for its implementation, are of particular importance in the lives of the people of China and Japan. Identifies a number of features that are unique to the room in which the tea ritual is performed. Which, learn more.

what 1. Garden.

The space where organized tea Space for the tea ceremony ceremony consists of two zones. The first - a garden or open space, the second - a tea room or enclosed space. Both zones are organized according to strict rules.

First, visitors get into the garden, which is also called "the dewy earth", and then directly to the tea house. We can say that the tea room is separated from the world of special space.

Passage through the garden - is the first step in the removal from the hectic everyday world. Through the whole garden is laid rocky path, it is called "Rhodes". The garden stone lanterns and a stone covered with moss. It seems that the stones came here by accident, each is unequally spaced.

Particular importance is attached a special vessel with water, reminiscent of the well. They are woks water, where guests necessarily need to wash your hands, face, rinse mouth and then wash the handle of the scoop.

what 2. Tea Room.

Teahouse or closed Space for the tea ceremony space - an extension of open space - garden. Tea House has the form of huts-Sawan. Teahouses over time have evolved. Now they are lightweight construction, constructed from bamboo or adobe walls. In such houses is not intended foundation. Go to the tea house is available with sliding doors, which are also called "shoji". Mandatory rule for all Japanese space - take off your shoes.
As a rule, no tea houses verandas. Canopy over the house stands as a continuation Cruz. A supporting pillars firmly anchored in the ground. For roofing mat use of different types of cane.

An integral component of the tea house - hole "nidziriguti." Through this hole a guest enters the tea room.

what 3. Registration of premises.

The canonical tea room size is 8 square meters. Appearance and size of the tea room depends on the style of tea drinking. Usually, tea rooms are made with refined simplicity and even poverty.

There are two kinds of tea rooms: small and extensive facilities. Usually, tea rooms are in separate cabins. In rare cases, the tea room can be one of the premises of the house with several rooms.

smile With regard to gender tea rooms, it is covered with a mat, dense mats, special grass and dense dark cloth around the edges. In the floor there is a square recess, which houses the center for ceremonies in the winter. Nisha is always located between the guest and host.

Space for the tea ceremony
smile In the very first tea houses windows completely absent. Today in the house can be from 6 to 8 small windows. Most often the window made in the ceiling. So the room was getting the optimum amount of light.

smile For a long time in a tea house was not ceilings. In modern tea houses are equipped with three different levels ceilings. Under the high ceiling - the main place for important guests. Under low - to the host. Obliquely placed all the remaining guests.

what 4. A niche

One of the key attributes of the tea room is a special niche "tokonoma". In the interior it is placed a piece of art, calligraphy, or put a vase with a flower or a vessel with incense.
Space for the tea ceremony

Perhaps this is all important elements needed for the tea ceremony, as required by the rules.

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