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Puer - a unique action and healing properties!

What is the name of Puer tea?

Tea that Puer - a unique action and healing properties! is produced mainly in China, called Puer. This post fermented tea, wherein the specific production technology. Harvest as treated tea leaves to a level of green tea.

The leaves are then subjected to fermentation. Puer tea refers to the dark, but not black tea varieties, and all because of its maturation does not occur under the action of their endogenous enzymes, and under the influence of external factors and microorganisms.

Manufacturing step

Puer tea goes through several stages of production. Typically, they are:

 winked 1. picking tea leaves
 winked 2. withering leaves collected
 winked 3. Curl leaves
 winked 4. Pressing leaves

A distinctive feature of Puer tea is that it does not deteriorate with time, but rather it only gets better. Earlier, even before there was a first vehicle, tea fermentation took place during prolonged transportation.

Eventually, it was revealed two major species Puer tea:
 hod raw puer, which is made according to the original technology and
 hod Cooked Puer.
Unlike the first type of Puer from the second - in the independent control of the fermentation process. The unique taste of Puer tea acquires only after 10 - 20 years of storage. It is known that the oldest Puer tea is 100 years old.

The correct way to prepare

Each type of tea has the appropriate cooking method. Puer tea can be brewed in many ways. For example, in 150 ml of hot water (not boiling) water taking 4 grams of tea, while 100 ml of water, 6 g of the tea is necessary.
Puer - a unique action and healing properties!Puer - a unique action and healing properties!
Some recommend to brew the first two welding only a few seconds and only then drain the infusion. Wherein after each repeated brewing, brewing time increase for 15 or 30 seconds. For example, one serving of tea leaves can last for 5-10 times. Others recommend brewing no more than 1-2 times, but for a longer time.

The action and properties of Puer

Puer tea is different unusual taste and aroma. Even a small amount of caffeine in this tea helps to cheer up and increase efficiency, which is why Puer tea should not drink before going to bed.
Puer - a unique action and healing properties!

Properly cooked quality Puer tea has a beneficial effect on health. Puer is probably the only way in owl tea, which is not contraindicated ulcer. This tea helps fight obesity, improves skin, normalizes metabolism and removes toxins.

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