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Rating tea.

Category: Tea Ceremony

What are the most popular teas.

Of course, everyone is different and they taste different. Some like black tea, the other - green. However, despite the variety of flavors and a rich assortment of teas, allocate 10 most popular and generally consumed Chinese teas. We represent your attention - the top 10 most sought-after teas, learn about and enjoy the taste.

Before giving the top 10 tea is some information which evaluation criteria exist, and the difficulties of peer review and comparison of different species and varieties of tea grown and produced around the world. In the international tea trade, assessment of its quality and position in the world rankings is the central element to determine its value.

The price of tea is affected by two main factors:

what tea leaf size. Whole tea leaves and large increase rating.
what Methods of production of tea.

There are two ways of production of tea:

wink Traditional (manual)
wink Modern (Mechanized) - CTC (Cut, tear & curl)

It is believed that as a result of mechanical handling damaged leaves, respectively, and decreases the rating tea made in this way. In contrast to the ranking of black tea, a single methodology rating of green tea and oolong tea does not exist. They use different methods of ranking, which can vary from one manufacturer to another tea from tea growing regions and others. Ratings of green tea and oolong are made up of factors such as the type of the tea plant, the region and the area of cultivation, gathering phase of tea leaves. Rating green tea and oolong indicates the quality and taste of the tea.

Tea leaf grading

There are five main levels of classification of tea:

wink D (Dust) - tea crumbs and dust. The lowest category in the ranking of black tea.
wink Funning - fragments mainly tea leaves. Pretty low rating.
wink BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) - small tea leaves or pieces of large leaves. Medium category in the classification of tea leaves.
wink OP (Orange Pekoe) - entire large leaves; buds of plants in the collection are not disrupted.
wink FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe) - tea leaves are harvested along with the buds of the plant.
The five major categories are joining two characteristics
wink Golden (indicates golden hues of tea leaves, which is typical for high-quality tea) and
wink Tippy (indicates an abundance of tea buds).

The following definitions indicate that tea belongs to an elite tselnolistovym varieties and has one of the two listed properties:
wink GFOP (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - young tea leaves with golden tips, to which are added buds of the tea plant.
wink TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - bud and the top two leaves of the tea plant, accompanied inflorescences. The highest category in the ranking of tea.
Even in the highest rating category there is an additional, internal classification for assessing the quality of the tea leaves: - FTGFOP (Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - elite varieties of tea leaves.
wink SFTGFOP (Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) - the highest quality tea, tea is the highest rating.

World's top 10 tea

Rating tea.

am 1. Longjing Tea

Opens our top - Longjing tea is derived from the name of the village of the same name. For the production of this tea is used, only the upper twigs and leaves of the tea bush. High-quality Longjing - expensive, due to manual harvesting. During the manufacturing process of tea leaves are roasted in special boilers that gives the tea a delicate flavor. A distinctive feature of Longjing tea is that it is not exposed to flavoring. After brewing tea acquires a yellowish-green color with a delicate aroma. Tea contains Vitamin C, catechins, amino acids.

am 2. Tea Bilochun

Tea Bilochun, which is characterized by long, thin, folded in the shape of a snail leaves, sweet taste, rich aroma lasting, translucent greenish tint. Collection of tea takes place early in the morning, during which selects only clean and young leaves.

am 3. Tie Guan Yin Tea

Due to weak fermentation tannin in tea is stored and vitamins, which promotes the formation of essential oils and compounds that give the tea a peculiar taste and spicy-fruity aroma. Tie Guan Yin has a yellowish-golden color, leaves a pleasant aftertaste of honey.

am 4. Mao Feng Tea

This is the green variety of tea, tea leaves which resemble the villi. Tea leaves are yellowish-green color.

am 5. Tea Junshan Inchzhen

This type of tea is considered one of the most elite. It is inherent in a yellowish tint. For the manufacture of tea is only a select high quality raw materials. Terms of tea picking is very strict. The harvest is not collected during the rainy season, it is forbidden to pluck the kidney: damaged, covered with dew, purple, sluggish. Fabrication is carried out on tea for 72 hours at several stages.

am 6. Tea Keemun

This sort of black tea, the famous complex aroma that combines the taste of an apple, pine trees, orchids. Keemun tea is a young grade, with a minimum content of caffeine. This tea can be consumed with milk and sugar.
Rating tea. Rating tea. Rating tea. Rating tea. Rating tea.

am 7. Tea Yes Hunpao

A variety Oolong tea. Main characteristics of tea: strong fragrance, long taste, sweet aftertaste, clear orange-yellow color.

am 8. Tea Lu'an Guapyan

Green tea with flat oval tea leaves, reminiscent of melon seeds. And from this comes the name. For the manufacture of teas used mature leaves. The tea has a relaxing calming effect.

am 9. Tea Xinyang Maotszyan

Tea Collection is carried out in mid-April. The tea leaves are dark green color, sharp tips and twisted form. Favorable temperate climate conducive to the cultivation of high-quality teas.

am 10. Tea Taiping Hawk

Unusual green tea after roasting becomes dark greenish color with red veins. Ready tea has the smell of orchids. Most fragrant tea leaves is considered the first, the second - gets rich tart taste, the third - a pleasant smell.

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Rating tea