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Mate - the leader of all the teas

Category: Tea Ceremony

The divine drink Mate

Among the unique teas, tea Mate - the leader of all the teas drink Mate is a leader. Mate - a tonic chaepodobny drink that is made from the finest leaves and young shoots of plants of the genus Ilex.
Mate tea has a unique flavor, slightly bitter, astringent, so some prefer to add honey to it.

Several distinct varieties Mate: green, gold or fried.

A method of brewing tea Mate

Destroy the nutrients contained in Mate, as well as its unique taste, you can if not properly brewed this drink.
Under the rules of classic Mate brew made in a special vessel - calabash, where tea is best brewed. However, the conventional teapot is also nice.

In a vessel for brewing tea is poured tea leaves, after which the vessel cover and shake his hand, to large branches were at the bottom and small baby - from the top. Then the dishes brewing slightly tilted and begin to pour water. The water temperature should not be more than 80 degrees, otherwise the tea will become bitter taste. After 30 seconds, the tea is ready for use. Mate drink slowly through a straw, and each time you can add hot water until it disappears rich taste of the drink.

As for packaged Mate, he is not bitter. You can find different kinds of fruit Mate. Mate also sold in packs for brewing in a glass container. This drink more clear, full-bodied, but less strong and bitter.

The composition of tea Mate

Classic qualitative Mate has a greenish-golden color and consists of stems, leaves and light dust. Mate - tea-champion in the amount of content in it of nutrients. As a part of this amazing drink found nearly two hundred medicinal minerals that have a positive impact on the human body. By useful substances include:
• Tannin,
• Aromatic resin
• Manganese
• Fibers
• Calcium,
• Iron,
• B vitamins and others.

Properties tea Mate

Mate - the leader of all the teas Mate - the leader of all the teasMate - the leader of all the teas
Mate tea is superior to other teas for its unique properties. tea drink
• perfectly quenches thirst,
• helps to speed up metabolism,
• reduces the feeling of hunger,
• relieves tension,
• struggling with vascular spasm,
• prevents depletion of the body,
• slows down the aging process,
• improves the excretory and digestive systems,
• promotes cell regeneration,
• a blood purifier due to the presence of oxygen in cells.


In general, relatively Mate, there were no contraindications. Still, do not abuse this drink, you need to use it in moderation and in reasonable quantities. After all, Mate - drink of the gods, which should be treated with respect!

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Mate - the leader of all the teas