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Diet Barusheka

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Diet Australian nutritionist Dr. Barusheka

Diet Barusheka
Dr. Barushek
is a well known Australian nutritionist, who has developed a low-calorie diet is popular not only on the green continent, but also in America.

The main condition diet - strict adherence to the menu.

Type diet - low-fat

Of weight loss - 7-8 kg

The period of application - 14 days.
Strange people these nutritionists. All diets by their vymeryat to the gram amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates, as if without them for this one to two weeks of diet we will die. Although in everyday life, we eat quietly without paying much attention to this balance over the years.
Diet Australian nutritionist Dr. Barusheka fully balanced, contains approximately 1200-1500 calories per day and is well tolerated. Although not all products are easy to buy, but they can be found more than a simple replacement.

Sample menu diet Australian nutritionist Dr. Barusheka:


(1 variant of approximately 250 kcal)
Diet Barusheka what (Option 1)
hod 1 Small fruit
hod or dried (20 g, 50 Cal)
hod plyus dry cereal (cereal high fibre) 50 gr.
hod or 1 cup ready porridge
hod + Milk (of the authorized per day).

what (Option 2)
hod 1 fruit
hod + 1 egg 20g or 70g cheese or cottage (1/3 cup)
hod or 75g. baked beans
hod +1 Toast or muffin 1/2
hod + Fats from the allowed number of islands.

lunch Time

(440 ККал)
Diet Barusheka hod 2 A piece of bread (60g.) Or 4 crackers or crackers
hod + Fats from authorized
hod + 60g chicken or turkey
hod or lean veal
hod or 100g. tuna in water
hod or 70 g salmon
hod 30g cheese
hod or 100g cottage cheese
hod or 75 rikkota cheese
hod or 1/2 cup (120 grams) of yogurt Skim
hod or 200 grams of yogurt permission count of
hod or 100g Baked Beans
hod or 25 grams of nuts
hod + Large plate of salad (without fat)
hod or 1 fruit
hod or 20 g of dried fruit.


(360 kcal)
Diet Barusheka wink Vegetable soup + 100g of lean meat (weight of the finished)
wink or 125 grams of chicken breast without skin
wink or 90 grams of chicken legs (without skin)
wink or 150g fish (without fat)
wink or beans 200g
wink + 1 small potato
wink or 1/2 cup of rice / pasta
wink or 1kus. bread (+ fats from Resolution)
wink + vegetable salad without fat
wink + fruit
wink + low-calorie jelly.
* Recommendations *

Between meals: water, tea, fruit from lunch, dinner, raw vegetables, milk from the table. Take a multivitamin while on a diet.
Milk during the day (160 kcal) 2 cups Skim Milk or 1 1/2 cups skim milk
Fats (140 kcal) 4 tsp Oil
hod or 3 tsp sunflower oil
hod or 1 1/2 st.l.mayoneza
hod or 1/2 avocado or 30g of nuts.

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Diet Barusheka