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The Atkins Diet

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Robert Coleman Atkins

Date of Birth: October 17, 1930
Place of birth: Columbus (OH), USA
Date of death: April 17, 2003 (72 years)
Country: United States
Scientific sphere: medicine, physics
Place of work: Office in Upper East Side,
in New York, Atkins Center, Atkins Nutritionals
Known as: The Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet
When he himself Atkins weighed 116 kg. and led the wrong way of life and nutrition. As a doctor, he showed an interest in their own health and decided to lose weight, analyzed a number of medical journals found a suitable diet and how to reset gave rise to health. After a couple of months, he weighed 28 kg. less. However, he did not stop and decided to come to understand how all the processes of digestion in the human body and develop the ideal diet for his opinion.
Later he developed a diet shown to be effective and helped to lose weight more than 50 million people. She successfully used by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta Jones, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams and many others, for which it is sometimes called "Hollywood".

The essence of the Atkins diet , is low carb diet, in which the body, deprived of a major source of energy from carbohydrates, forced conversion to the processing of fat reserves.
The main purpose - rebuild your metabolism so that the body is accustomed to using fat as a primary source of energy, as well as to maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood and rid the person from food addiction and excessive craving for sweets.

In addition to losing extra pounds Atkins diet has a number of useful improvements to the body such as:

The Atkins Dietimproves the general condition of the body, in consequence of the loss of fat and toxins that go,
The Atkins Dietnormal level of blood sugar caused by nutritional products with a low glycemic index (protein products)
The Atkins Dietcease to commit surges glucose because protein is absorbed much more slowly carbohydrates.
The Atkins DietThis in turn prevents fatigue, headaches, joint or muscle pain, and even depression.

Contraindications: But, for all its virtues, this technique is shown by no means all - it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with kidney disease.

The Atkins Diet

The phases of the Atkins diet

Weight loss program Dr. Atkins is of the four phases, each of which has its own distinctive features.
The first phase - induction phase, is the most severe and lasts a minimum of two weeks, during which the human body starts "ketosis", ie the process of lipolysis.

During the first phase must adhere to the following rules:

The Atkins Dietcarbohydrate intake to 20 g per day;
The Atkins Dietfood is taken from 3 to 5 times a day in small portions, and the interval between meals may not exceed 6 hours;
The Atkins Dietdrink at least 8 glasses of plain water a day;
The Atkins Dietconstipation take vegetable fiber rich food and fiber;
The Atkins Dietdo not overeat - get up from the table feeling satisfied, but not enough;
The Atkins Dietcompletely excluded from the diet of bread, flour products, starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds;
The Atkins Dietto accelerate the onset of ketosis desirable moderate exercise.

Authorized products in the first phase - meat, fish, shrimp, mussels, eggs, any vegetable oils.
In limited quantities permitted - cottage cheese, cheese, butter, sour cream, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, eggplant, green olives, nuts, seeds.

completely ban - sweets, bread and flour products, tomato paste, potatoes, beets, carrots, grapes, banana, strawberry, orange, pineapple.

In the first phase starts weight loss, which is from 2 to 5 pounds, depending on the individual.
Second stage - is the phase of reduction of systematic weight and lasts from several weeks to several years depending on how many kilos to reset. In this phase of experimentally determined individual maximum daily rate of carbohydrates in which to continue losing weight without stopping ketosis. Different people have this value can vary significantly, ranging from 20g to 150g per day.
During the second phase is necessary to gradually increase the daily amount of carbohydrates and closely monitor the dynamics of change in weight. If the weight continues to decline, then you can increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet; But if he stopped or increased need for a short time to return to the induction phase.
The Atkins DietThe Atkins DietThe Atkins Diet
If you do the daily control measurements of weight, it is usually difficult to grasp the dynamics of weight, because one day it almost imperceptible vibrations. Therefore, for the reliability of the control can be carried out weighing once a week, slightly increased the duration of this second phase.
Likewise, you can independently adjust the whole process of losing weight - for example, if you want to diversify your menu, increasing the amount of carbohydrates and thereby slightly reducing the rate of weight loss. You can also increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed by increasing physical activity.
The third phase - transition phase to preserve the weight starts after reaching the desired weight. This phase is also experimental, but its purpose is individual daily amount of carbohydrates, in which the weight stops and stably maintained.
Recommendedto increase the daily rate of carbohydrates is also very smoothly, no more than 5-10 grams per week and closely monitor the dynamics of weight. This phase should be approached very seriously and take the time because individual norm of carbohydrates to stably maintain an ideal weight will need to adhere to a lifetime.
The fourth phase - phase conservation body weight lasts a lifetime. Dr. Atkins says that, if strictly follow a certain rate in the third phase of carbohydrates, the weight will always - perfect. Can not relax and start the uncontrolled use of sweets, because the lost pounds immediately return process of losing weight and have to start again, with the first phase. Avoid weight gain of more than 3 kilograms of desired weight.
Sample menu Atkins diet

A variety of mouth-watering recipes Atkins diet to lose weight allow a hearty, tasty and comfortable. Choosing from the table authorized products can show imagination and experiment with them depending on your food preferences.
Feel free to buy new varieties of fish and meat, vegetables (check the amount of carbohydrates in them). Cook are various vegetable soups, stews, salads, side dishes and mashed themselves invent new combinations and variations. Atkins diet recipes, as well as an exemplary menu there are so many, you can take as a basis stated below and combine to your taste.

Egg salad with vegetables.

The Atkins Diet
wink 1 boiled egg,
В wink 1 tomato,
В wink 2 medium cucumbers,
В wink ВЅ bell pepper and lettuce chopped, dressed with olive oil.
В wink You can add a little lemon juice and pine nuts.

Seafood salad.

wink Boil the squid rings, The Atkins Diet
wink add the chopped hard-boiled egg,
В wink boiled corn,
В wink a little wild rice
В wink boiled shrimp.
В wink Season with olive oil and lemon juice.
Sample menu for the day
The Atkins Diet


hod fried eggs with bacon, green tea without sugar;
В hod or low-fat yogurt (curd), and tea.
The Atkins Diet

lunch Time:

hod chop and slice of cheese;
В hod 100 g or baked veal with wild rice portion,
В hod cucumber salad with olive oil,
В hod tea;
В hod or ear with rye bread, tomato, orange, tea;
В hod or 150 g of boiled fish with a side dish of rice and tea.
The Atkins Diet


hod fresh vegetable salad, soup, a small piece of beef liver, tea;
В hod or 200 g of boiled beef with steamed cauliflower;
В hod 150 g or baked fish with a salad of eggs with vegetables;
В hod 250 g or baked chicken with seafood salad, grapefruit.
Taking the power exemplary menu Atkins diet and gradually rebuilding your metabolism, you will soon easily develop new eating habits and preferences. In addition, the table can not help themselves to invent various recipes Atkins diet, eat delicious, rich and varied, while maintaining ideal weight and shape.
The Atkins DietThe Atkins Diet

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The Atkins Diet