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Alain Ducasse

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Biography AllenDucasse.

Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse - the model of modern gastronomy

Another name in the world of cooking. Frenchman again. And of course, the preacher "haute cuisine". Despite the high cost of his insane dinner, amateur kitchen frills and glamor take turns far ahead of time.

Alain Ducasse - the phenomenon of international scale: his ideas were a continuation of the books have been translated into dozens of languages, and numerous disciples dispersed throughout the world.

With tireless energy and creativity of talented chef, he has made all possible heights in business.

В«Kitchen bottom so heavy that I subconsciously sought aboveВ»

Career Ducasse is very typical for members of his profession who have achieved international fame. He went through all the stages of growth - from dishwasher to chef at the world famous restaurants "haute cuisine".

Ducasse was born in 1956 in the south of France in the town of Castel Sarrazen. In 16 years, alluvium dishes in the restaurant Pavillon Landais in Soustons and looking closely at the work of chefs, he realized what his calling. Most likely, then an ambitious and motivated young man had a plan future career.

Years later, after becomingзнаменитым,Alain Ducasse in one of his interviews Ducasse tell what caused him to make a career, "Kitchen bottom so heavy that I subconsciously sought higher and higher and higher. The higher you are standing in the gastronomic hierarchy, the easier your work. Work simple cook much heavier than the sous-chef or chef. I wanted to get rid of this hellish work. "

By this time and study Ducasse Cooking School in Bordeaux, after which he worked briefly in the restaurant Les Pres d'Eugenie nearby Michel Gerar. But the first step in his career Ducasse considers training in the restaurant Moulin de Mougins on the French Riviera at no less famous Roger Verger. Here he learned the wisdom of the profession, there pawned future master.

At the beginning of the 1980 accounts for the second phase of his career: he became chef La Terrasse, then the hotel's restaurant in the town of Juana Juan-les-Pins. And in the 1984th, at age 28, he received his first Michelin star.

But fate has prepared him a tough test on the road to culinary pedestal. In the same year his star, he gets in a plane crash: six passengers survived it alone. Year in the hospital, thirteen operations. But the ambitious plans of persistent Frenchman only delayed, but not canceled. After recovering from injury, the guru is given to the whole work. In 1987 he created his first gastronomic restaurant Le Louis XV in the famous Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, and three years for the first time in the history of the restaurant at the hotel becomes the owner of the three stars Michelin.

В«Restaurant - is, first and foremost, a place where you can eat ...В»

Ducasse based philosophy of the kitchen put a creative approach to traditional recipes. He made "haute cuisine" of course, not tired of repeating that any kitchen, whatever they may be, - it's only the food and the people come to the restaurant to eat. Therefore, it must be of high quality and is ideally combined. Freshness and selection of products - the cornerstone of any culinary masterpiece, art cook while the second considers the famous master. And he is in constant creative search - new combinations of ingredients,РІРєСѓСЃРѕРІ.
Alain DucasseAlain Ducasse
Since the late eighties begins creating worldwide group of restaurants Alain Ducasse. In 1998, there is a chain of restaurants Spoon, implementing the most current ideas irrepressible Frenchman - freedom, modernity and authenticity of the products.

Today, celebrity chef disposes of more fifty restaurants in the world, owns nearly thirty of them in all listed chef, although this position there occupied by other people. But brand works even in its absence. The very name - a guarantee of quality food and great service. Therefore, people go just to Ducasse, years are in the queue to taste the dishes prepared by his hands, and willing to pay for them up to 50 thousand.евро.
Alain Ducasse Alain Ducasse
Alain Ducasse it can rightly be called a genius and marketing. Thus, creating a chain of restaurants Spoon, he is more focused on women. Focusing on the menu at the low-calorie dishes, he calculated all true: being faced with a choice where to go for dinner, women certainly give preference to this restaurant, and where a woman - and man there.

At the same time somehow he manages all of the institution to maintain the highest level of cuisine. Here affects his talent not only first-class cooking, but also the manager. He has a special gift for finding talent around the world and keep the job under control. None of the 1,400 professionals working in his system, not ignored boss. People get the impression of great personal interest in their work Ducasse.

He is interested in just about anything,чтоAlain Ducasse As for his business - on the choice of the interior for the new restaurant to be included in the menu of new dishes. Huge empire wizard, which includes elite restaurants and bistros, hotels around the world, cooking school, an educational center for cooks, as established mechanism acts by preventing failures due to the main and the almighty mechanics - Monsieur Alain Ducasse.

His culinary school in Paris is worth a special mention. It's called Ecole de Cuisine. Here novice cooks to comprehend the wisdom "haute cuisine" - learning to cook chef specialties, pastries, to understand the wines.

The school four areas of training - four specialties: white mushrooms, truffle, olive and pepper. Classes are taught by the best students Ducasse, but sometimes he himself finds the time to demonstrate the future completion of a couple of master classes.

The merits of the famous Frenchman, not deprived of attention and appreciated.

Also Michelin stars,АленAlain Ducasse Ducasse is a Knight of the Legion of Honor, president of the association "Hotels and castles of France."

He also came in 2003 in the list of most influential people in the world annually by the magazine Forbes.

In this case, the part of the culinary celebrity is no "dizzy with success", no snobbery.

Restaurant "French cuisine with Russian influencesВ»

In 2011, the famous French restaurant was opened in Russia. The location of his new institution became St. Petersburg, W Hotel on Voznesensky Prospekt. Opening it, Ducasse set a goal to create, by his own admission, the restaurant "French cuisine with Russian influences" and "in a refined atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world." Petersburg restaurant became the 28th in the world under the brand name Alain Ducasse and while the first in Eastern Europe.

Genre restaurant - Mih. Unlike democratic Sroon-s, restaurants Mix a little different level. Fine with modern expensive design and is not a cheap card, they are based on French cuisine, but with the use of local products and traditions. Each of them has its own peculiarity. In the Mix in Las Vegas is a spectacular view from 64 floors, Mix on the beach in Puerto Rico - a magnificent sea view.

In less than a year of existenceресторанаAlain Ducasse he became one of the best restaurants in the northern capital. In the menu, the most exquisite dishes from the maitre Ducasse: cream soup with green asparagus; monkfish and fennel in saffron broth; Dove and seasonal vegetables cooked in Cocotte. This year, St. Petersburg W-restaurant with fellow group Alain Ducasse around the world will participate in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first and most famous restaurant Monsieur Ducasse - Louis XV.

In each of them during the year visitors will be offered dishes borrowed on the occasion of the solemn jubilee date from the menu, as well as corporate dessert restaurant Louis XV -Romovuyu Babu.

Restaurant Le Jules Verne in Paris

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