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Nutritional value of pineapple.

Pineapple — a genus of herbaceous plants of the family Bromeliads originate from tropical America. One species - Pineapple krupnohoholkovy - is an important fruit crops, is widely cultivated in tropical countries around the world.

Pineapple pulp at 86 % water
Contains a lot of simple sugars (12-15 mg %)
Organic acids - 0.7 mg %
( citric advantage )
- 0,7 РјРі %

Ascorbic acid 50 РјРі %
Vitamins B1, B2, B12, PP, provitamin A.

Minerals - - potassium (320 mg %), iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iodine.
Caloric - Pineapple - in 100 grams of its pulp contains no more than 57 kcal.


Features: excessive consumption of fresh pineapple in the food can damage the lining of the mouth and lead to indigestion. This fruit is better to exclude from the diet of people with gastritis, gastric ulcer, as well as pregnant women and children up to six years.

The main element of pineapple fat are capable of cleaving enzymes, which are struggling with intense accumulations of fat and improve the work of the stomach. When digestive disorder: to enhance the enzymatic activity of gastric juice during meals is recommended to drink a glass of pineapple juice or eat a slice of fresh fruit. This is especially useful when abundant food, eating lots of fiber and meat. A glass of pineapple juice will relieve nausea during the flight or travel by water.

Pineapple diet #1

Duration: - diet lasts two days for handling.
Effect: complying with all requirements of this diet for two days lost at least 2 kg.
For the diet will need 2 pounds of fresh pineapple and 1 liter of 100 % pineapple juice, you should not take canned because they no longer have those useful qualities that fresh.
Cut pineapples in slices and divide portions for all day use 4.
During the day, drink a liter of pineapple juice. Nothing else to eat or drink.

Pineapple diet #2

The second diet is designed for 5 days. Per day should consume 2 liters of water, herbal or fruit teas. Breakfast on all days the same diet pineapple.
Menu pineapple diet

Breakfast: fresh pineapple puree (100 gr.) Mixed with low-fat yogurt (100 gr.) And 2 teaspoons of cereal
Second breakfast: boiled egg + slice of rye bread with a thin slab. oil and salted salmon
Lunch: rice with curry
Dinner: boiled potatoes in their skins 2, 100 gr. pineapple, low-fat cottage cheese (50 g.), stir Art. dollop of sour cream and a teaspoon of horseradish. (you can fill with potatoes and pineapple sauce cooked curd)
Lunch : chicken and pineapple
Dinner: Pineapple (100 gr.) + Boiled shrimp (100 gr.) + 3-4 branches celery + cucumber (all grind and mix, allowed salt, pepper and a tbsp. Tablespoon mayonnaise)
Lunch: Pineapple (100 gr.) + Lettuce (2-3 leaves) + red pepper (1/2) + 2 tomatoes (all chopped and mixed for filling: chopped garlic clove, salt, teaspoon horseradish 1/4 tsp mustard, lemon juice and a teaspoon of stretching. oil)
Dinner: turkey breast (100 g.) Fried in races. butter and onions + pineapple (100 gr.) + a pair of rye breads
Lunch: salad of grilled chicken meat on the grill (100 gr.), Pineapple (100 gr.) Orange (3 slices), green peas (2 tbsp. Spoons) and mayonnaise (preferably light)
Dinner: Celery Soup + pineapple (100 gr.)
Lunch: puff pastry with pineapple
Dinner: rice (2 tbsp. Tablespoons raw) with sliced ​​pineapple (100 gr.).

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