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Aaron Craze

Category: Celebrity chefs

Biography Aaron Craze.

Aaron Craze - renowned chef from a dysfunctional family.

Born in 1978, restaurateur, creator and owner of the Aaron Crazetelevision show, the author of many publications, chef Aaron Craze can be described as a man with extraordinary abilities.

In his life, there have been ups and downs, but his relentless desire to reach the top in the culinary field, in the end, was a success, and his name became known not only experts from cooking, but also simple townsfolk.

It aims at the culinary field is very simple: to instill in people the belief that the dishes beef and lamb is very easy to cook for dinner everyday at the time it will take more than an hour, but they get a lot of pleasure from their use at the end of a busy day.

Career start.

Unlike most famous chefs love to cook food at Aaron woke up not at a young age. His father was not friends with the law and was listed as a West London police station, as a person prone to crime. It is illegal activity, and not the family, he devoted all his time. It was an occasion to what from him in the end, left his wife - Mrs. Kathlen, and the family broke up. By the way, Aaron's cousin Wayne Harley also not averse to warm their hands on someone else's kindness : he is still serving a prison sentence for burglary of a former football team "Chelsea" Juan Sebastian Veron.
Aaron Craze

Due to lack of money Aron could not afford to study in culinary school, and was forced to think only about how to make ends meet. The young man has changed a lot of jobs before discovered his vocation to the cookery business. But, nevertheless, in 2002 he learned the basics of cooking, looking serial film, specially filmed for disadvantaged young people to instill the love of the culinary arts.
Aaron Craze

Become a famous chef helped him telecast - competition "Jamie's Black Sea Fleet," created by Jamie Oliver which he joined Mr. Crazy, then working as a mechanic. Having been invited to shoot the TV show, Aaron was very surprised at first, where Mr. Oliver even know about its existence. Mystery soon opened: his wife Nicky, on behalf of Aaron applied for participation in the program without his knowledge. The risk paid off: the young man triumphed over the clear favorites and was awarded in an amount no less than 120 thousand pounds!
Aaron Craze

In addition, he received at the hands of his license to open a pub in London, which is worth 500,000 pounds. For many, the victory has no experience in this area, "young talent" Crazy Aaron came as a surprise, including for himself. After all, by his own admission, promulgated a few years later, at the time of the first shooting, he felt comfortable working with only a knife company В«StanleyВ». However, boundless love for their loved ones (wife and daughters) and the desire to give the family a better life have done their job: he has successfully coped with the difficult tasks of the competition.

Labor activity.

After receiving the award, Aron did not immediately opened its public catering, and was trained in the restaurant Fifteen, owned by Mr. Jamie Oliver and represents, in fact, a culinary school for unemployed young people, which gives them a chance for a better future. After graduating in 2004 in the case of culinary training "Fifteen," Aaron held internship at a London restaurant В«The Ivy and ClaridgesВ», and only then starts to work his pub "Rooster Inn." Unfortunately, due to a fire in the course of repair, " Cock Inn" had to close.
Aaron CrazeAaron Craze

Thus Mr. Crazy returns to "Fifteen" on the post В«tournantВ» - chefs competing chef or chef in the future, which gave him the opportunity to learn the intricacies of all sections of the kitchen.

Experience in television, Mr. Crazy received by participating as a chef - a guest in the TV program В«Market KitchenВ», is broadcast on the channel В«Good FoodВ». In his first TV show "Rude Boy Food", which received from viewers only positive reviews, it explores the "street food" in the world and plays dishes from a different angle of view, demonstrating at the same time, his love for the multi - culture that instilled in him a West London. Being not satisfied with the release of a TV show that, in June 2008, Aaron wrote and published his first cookbook, "Aron prepares Italian dishes."
Aaron Craze

For original tattoo and tough demeanor hides a passionate defender Aaron "street food", a firm believer in the fact that to improve the palatability of food, one of their ingredients is mandatory must be fresh vegetation.

Currently, Mr. Crazy works in a renovated after a fire in the pub "Cock Inn" owned by Jamie Oliver. In his team including 3 chefs working full time, the reservations manager and bartender, and also, 18 employees working half a day.

Personal life.

At the time, Mr. Aaron Craze abused alcoholAaron Craze (made ​​themselves felt genes of the father - gangster - alcoholic), but thanks to his wife Niki he that bad habit, "tied", and then with great persistence and stubborn determination climbed up the social ladder, becoming a valuable component Jamie Oliver empire.

And his transformation from "ugly duckling" with nerespektabelnoy pedigree in the famous chef is undoubtedly an inspiration for all the budding chefs.

Currently Mr. Crazy faring with his family - his wife, Nicky, born in 1982 and two daughters - near Braintree, Essex, located in the east of England.

Mr. Jamie Oliver characterizes Aaron: - "He is a fantastically talented young chef who works hard and creates vivid dishes."

Lebanese Roast Chicken by Aaron Craze.

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Biography Aaron Craze