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Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver biography recipes.

Jamie Oliver is the brightest star culinary rock - n-roll

"I love the simplicity. Smoked and rye bread - that male happiness - recognized the most charming culinary world. Winner of the Knightly Order, he is the founder of his own charitable foundation of your kitchen decides matters of state and loves when he prepares wife. And he sincerely believes that teach British cooking.

He does not look like a millionaire - in general, to a person having a weight in society, which may force the state to fork over half a million pounds. And the cook did not like. Rather, the former musician or a simple English guy in his board. But it miraculously fits over all: he and millionaire, and the chef from God, and a former musician and humdinger. And a statesman, a nation's health is concerned.

In a cohort of culinary celebrities Jimmy Oliver stands: Well, does not fit the boyish looks and his thirty-six Oliver simplicity in clothes with a way superstar. Although these qualities, coupled with engaging charm, openness, combined with the talent, and made it a world-class star.

But first things first. He was born in 1975 in the English countryside, in a small hamlet of Essex County, in a family of cooks. Oliver 's parents kept a pub called "cricket", so the earliest childhood memories are linked him to the kitchen. You could even say that it smells he imbibed with mother's milk. Here he first played, and with seven years already started independently peeling potatoes. Roll out the dough, take out the garbage - it too was then his duty.
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver

Growing up in such circumstances, he would hate it, or occupation, or make it his life's work. He chose the latter. Maybe because he is good at it. And he saw people like tasty food, and that it may even become a way to influence them. So my first chicken crusted he prepared for his father, that he is not much berated him for a bad mark, resulting in school. Work, the same trick he repeated later with his schoolteacher living in the neighborhood, having obtained as a result of his long patronage.
Jamie OliverJamie OliverJamie Oliver

Actually, he was an ordinary boy little success in school did not show, to the best naughty, nice climbing trees and superbly played football. But unlike their peers, while he also loved to cook. In an interview, he admitted that he once cooked for fellow sandwich with crispy bread and smoked salmon began to shock - nothing tastier he had not eaten. Who knows, maybe this episode had already made ​​him think about the power of their peers, putting it behind the idea of ​​his most ambitious project.

Whatever it was, at age 16 he left school and went to study at Westminster Catering College. Going to college is not prevented him to organize his own musical group and selflessness given music. Later in his show, he often used the music, not only masterfully wielding a kitchen knife, but drumsticks.

Of trainees once on TV.......

After college, he trained pastry chef and delved into the intricacies of Italian cuisine with Antonio Carlucci at The Neal Street Restaurant, and in 1996 got a cook in The River Café, where he worked for three and a half years. It was here in 1997, Oliver spotted the Air Force, taking off for the first time in the transfer «Christmas at the River Café». And in 1998, aired its own program Oliver «Naked Chef», brought him instant fame.

He knew how to give his show. First of all, it was supposed to attract an audience, at least at first an unusual name. People expect to see a naked man, but instead received no less exciting spectacle. Millions of Britons, whose inability to cook long been a topic for jokes, not spoiled taste delights, were smitten that got up on the screen with the usual products this young charming bumpkin.
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver

He bared not ourselves, but the products of which are fast, and most importantly, easy, no extra devices for 30 minutes to prepare delicious meals. And he did it so contagious that I wanted to immediately run to the kitchen to try and repeat it cooked. Evolved full confidence that you will too (and how you yourself did not think to do it before).

For three years left a total of 25 series, and in each new - Jamie showed delighted audiences new dishes that really are and were not. But with the same jocular comments he composed the usual ingredients that turned out: the usual scrambled eggs can be prepared dozens of delicious ways! Thus began his climb the ladder of fame and recognition. In the first step of her he was only 23.
In the same 1999, he and not someone else invited to Tony Blair, to cook dinner for his distinguished guests.

Fighter for the health of the nation .....

In 2002, he founded a charitable foundation, and in 2003 begins his main - not so much cooking as social - the project under the title В«FifteenВ». This program has become, in fact, a continuation of the idea, which he successfully implemented on television - to teach British cooking. But if his television audience was mainly the adult population, this project was aimed at children. He understood that healthy eating should start with them to become mature, and they have made in their family habit to cook at home.
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver

He takes a loan secured by your own home and in London opens its first charity restaurant В«FifteenВ», which selects for training fifteen troubled teens. After the training, they had to stay and work in the restaurant. Task he set himself, was much more difficult than it seems at first. Invested money is not enough, every day there were difficulties in communicating with clients, which, although selected with a penchant for cooking, but were of the street punks - they did not listen, fled.

But enthusiasm for business and the ability to win over Jamie helped others cope with problems - a year later the first " Fifteen" has become one of the favorite holiday destinations Londoners. The next restaurant appeared in Amsterdam in 2004, then in 2006 two more - in Melbourne and Cornwall. A DDzheymi in 2003 was invited to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen Elizabeth II awarded him knighthood of Merit.

In 2005 - he went ahead and started a massive campaign for the quality of school meals. His findings shocked the public: the norms of fat and sugar in school diets exceeded several times! He have a few weeks to collect on his page on the Internet quarter of a million signatures in support of the British reform school nutrition. On television, he was made a direct appeal to his countrymen: the nation's health - at risk!

The government was forced to respond to the problem: for the conversion of school canteens, staff training, procurement of quality products has contributed more than half a million pounds. Thousands of people, organizations, was set in motion by sleight of hand one indifferent person. To coordinate this gigantic work was even a special school fund, and the Jamie Oliver Channel 4 News found most striking political figure in 2005.

Despite the successes, the famous chef believed that to combat obesity is not enough to reform the nation's school food and television broadcasts. Need to carry out a full healthy eating: to enter into the school curriculum cooking lessons, organize culinary educational program. The need for such drastic measures he supported figures: the fight against obesity cost the health of England more than smoking.

With the revolution of the world ....

His Food Revolution successfully exported in 2010-11 yy and in the United States, where obesity is as acute and where interested in his experience. For his show, he chose two American cities: Huntington and Los Angeles. It became known with a leading American TV presenter Ryan Seacrest.
Jamie Oliver

But his fame in America, another of his first reality show - "Journey to America with Jamie Oliver", which appeared on screens in 2009. It does not even show a vision of America through the eyes of a famous chef. America Jamie was very lively and immediate. Talking about what to eat and what Americans cook, recipe, it focuses not so much on the dishes, but rather on those who prepares them - ordinary people. At the same time he's very sensitive to the situation, and his gentle humor and spontaneity enhance the atmosphere of simplicity and sincerity, which are so inherent in its programs.

Other countries that also traveled Jamie was Italy. In 2005, he went there in a blue van with a trailer, where the soup kitchen has been posted. In Italy, he learned how to cook soup with octopus and won the love of half its population. The result of this trip was a talk show Jamie's Great Italian Escape the book "My Italy" and opening a restaurant in Oxford Jamie's Italian.

Winner of the Knightly Order has many other titles and ranks. Twice - in 2005 and 2010 - he became the most influential person in the UK leisure industry. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious TED - for the desire to change the world. Also charitable and social activities , Jamie Oliver is actively engaged in advertising. His most famous project - a collaboration with Sainsbury: 2000 for 11 years, he remained the face of the supermarket chain company.
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver

Happy family chef Oliver !

Such a positive person, like Jamie Oliver, simply can not be happy and in family life. He married a beautiful woman, which had been in love in his youth, and in 36 years has already father of many children: he has three daughters and six year old son. Together with his family he lives in London and is growing in your garden fruits and vegetables to have on the table all the fresh and useful.
Jamie Oliver

In the house with him, as befits cookery luminary - spacious kitchen. Only Jamie recognizes that there is constantly a creative mess, but everything is at hand. Interior stellar cuisine most unassuming, no-nonsense: in the center of a large table along the wall range of fitted wardrobes a spacious refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stove (Jimmy does not recognize the power).
Jamie OliverJamie OliverJamie Oliver

The main thing - to be comfortable, says the eminent master. Meanwhile, all his equipment only from reputable manufacturers. Professional Series pan from Tefal, from knives from Victorinox, Global and Sabatier, but the barbecue he adapted his own invention - put in the oven for a flat piece of granite. T-bone steak, fish, chop at this impromptu baking obtained almost as in a stone oven.

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