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Recipes for Halloween (October 31)

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Recipes for Halloween

Halloween - the oldest festival in the world dating back to the ancient Celtic traditions of Ireland and Scotland . Its history goes back millennia. Celebrated on October 31 , the eve of All Saints' Day . Halloween is traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries, though the official holiday is not. Since the end of the XX century , during the process of Americanization and globalization , the fashion for Halloween paraphernalia appeared in most non-English speaking countries in Europe and in the CIS.
Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31)

The basis of this holiday is believed that at this time the souls of the dead visit their former homes to warm up by the fire. They wander around, collecting donations of food and drink at the rest of the family . Souls of the dead could take many guises - evil dwell in animals. On this day all the evil spirit descends to earth to take part in the general merriment of the charged and zateryatsmya .
Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31)

On the eve of this holiday having different beliefs about what dark entities can scare scary outfit that zazhennuyu candles protect from evil spirits , and then people began to oblachatsya horrible dress up and walk with pumpkin heads with lighted candles inside . Subsequently, these were used as pumpkin head lights or lamps . And with years of data lights and become a kind of symbol of this holiday.
Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31)
In spite of such a terrible background of this holiday it is not such a matter of fact , it's quite a fun celebration with jokes and gags.

Halloween is a great time for parties, banquets, Sabantui divination.....
Bring to your attention a number of colorful decoration for this holiday.
Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31)

And nothing konechtno prikrasno how to decorate the interior space to the style provodimomgo helluin holiday and put on the table serves as expressive eyeball kosochkov brain made ​​of watermelon using knives for carving, creepy fingers Cake baked in an oven.
Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31) Recipes for Halloween (October 31)

Amazing and simple ways how to make a pumpkin lantern on Heluin >>> or awful light pumpkin >>> presented on the portal Zemmrate users themselves, look and choose your favorite images you make such artistic terribly podsilu you yourself.

Bloody Hand Punch with Ice.

OOOO actually checked an unforgettable horrific impress your guests. The secret is in the stunning similarity icy hands kkrovavogo shade with this, but here's the place for her wrong and that plunges guests into confusion. LDA property such that it will float on the surface of the punch as a float. H y and if submit such a drink such as lemonade on the table of their children will not delight borders.Recipes for Halloween (October 31)


- 3 cups of cranberry juice or raspberry
- 1.5 cups of apple juice
- 1.5 cups of grape juice
- 2 cups of decaffeinated cola
- 1 cup frozen strawberries or raspberries

Method of preparation:

1. Mix cranberry juice , apple juice and grape juice in a bowl and chill out with a punch .
2 . Just before serving , add strawberries and cola.
3 . To add eerie effects , freeze clean water in a clean rubber glove .
4 . When water freezes in a glove , remove the glove and put ice in a hand punch.

" Fairy fingers "

Recipes for Halloween (October 31)


- 150 g butter,
- 200 g of sugar,
- one egg,
- 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
- 1 teaspoon baking powder, a little salt,
- 350 g of flour, whole almonds,
- a little chocolate.

Method of preparation:

Oil heated to room temperature and whipped with the sugar and vanilla. Add egg and mix. Mix flour with salt and vanilla. Knead the dough by mixing dry and liquid ingredients. It should have a firm and not sticky to the pastry in the oven broke. Put in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Get on a small piece of dough, hand roll on the table in the "sausage." This - the basis for the finger. Give shape to your finger. The chocolate is melted, add a little water and a place to lubricate the end of the nail and finger. On each finger put almonds and flatten.
Cookies bake 20 minutes at 180 C.

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Recipes for Halloween (October 31)