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Useful and harmful products.

The most useful and harmful products

In numerous studies, scientists have identifiedUseful and harmful products. the products most useful for our body and most harmful to our products. Perhaps someone will say that he knows what good for him and the opinion of some scientists there does not interest him. But do not be fooled by the fact that you are the best judge, but rather to listen to the opinion of experts, and then you will notice that these products have significantly improved the quality of your health.

And so, let's start our list with such a simple and not expensive product like apples. And in truth, why spend huge amount of money on an uncharted exotic fruits when their gifts garden center can help us to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body. Since apples contain many vitamins and trace elements was found to have a beneficial effect on cardio - vascular system. Nutrients contained in apples, improve digestion, prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, as well as possess excellent anti-inflammatory action.
Useful and harmful products. Useful and harmful products. Useful and harmful products.

The next useful product - fish. Continuous consumption of fish, as well as apples and reduce chances of contracting Alzheimer's Disease. Fish efficiently effect on the heart, and therefore reduces the risk of heart attack. Fish need for regeneration of nerve cells and brain function in general. Considered to be the most useful - salmon. It is a rich source of protein compounds that protect the heart and blood vessels, beneficial effect on the nerves and eyes. Eating salmon prevents heart attack, stroke, reduces arthritis pain.

Next on the list - garlic. All a child knows that garlic - a great tool in the fight against colds . This is facilitated by its essential oils that kill germs and bacteria. Eating garlic, we reduce the risk of bowel cancer, and stomach disease.

No less useful peppers. Pepper helps to improve metabolism, burn calories, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer development.

Carrots - a product which, as a rule, beUseful and harmful products. available at each home. Carrots need to eat to maintain good eyesight, keep the skin in good condition and avoid multiplication of cancer cells.

Lecithin and vitamin D contained in soy, strengthen the nervous system and enhance mental processes.

Naturally strawberries and bananas could not get into this list. It is not strange, but in strawberries contains more vitamin C than lemon. Moreover, strawberries rich in iron, which improves immunity, and zinc, improving women's sexuality. Bananas contain magnesium, which strengthens bones, nerve cells and sarcogenic. Also fruit is rich in vitamin B6 and potassium.

Catechin, bioactive substance found in green tea prevents the development of prostate cancer and atherosclerosis. Green tea - a great tool for weight loss.

Who does not know about the benefits of dairy products? Probably not such people. Dairy products are rich in calcium, necessary for the proper operation of the muscles and nervous system. To reduce the risk of gastric cancer, it is enough to drink a day for one glass of milk. Yoghurt - the best dairy product for the health of the digestive system. His lactic acid bacteria have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, eliminate symptoms of diseases of the stomach and intestines, increase the activity of the immune system.

Next on the list of useful products can make forest berries - blueberries. It contains a number of important minerals, and fiber that promotes weight loss, recovery of the intestine, the fight against colds and cardiovascular diseases.
Useful and harmful products. Useful and harmful products.

Chocolate. From only one word becomes pleasure to the soul, not to mention the taste of this product. Chocolate - simply magical tool in the fight against depression and in lowering blood pressure, and the formation of cholesterol plaques on the vessels. But one - the chocolate should be a natural black.

Tomatoes also contain nutrients that prevent the development of diabetes. These substances - lycopene. They give red tomatoes and stimulate the immune system. Moreover, it was found that lycopene are valuable in the field of cosmetics, and they slow down the aging process.

Unlike other kinds of cabbage, broccoli produces substances that help fight cancer. Thanks calcium strengthens bones and increases their density. And vitamin "A" makes the skin soft and smooth.

Protein, vitamin "E", iron and otherUseful and harmful products. micronutrients rich oats. Experts recommend that diabetics cereal crops. Oats - a great tool, improving digestion, neutralizing cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Spinach is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, B2 and C. All of these useful substances contained in green leaves , reduce osteoporosis and iron deficiency anemia, prevents the formation of cataracts and help prevent muscular dystrophy.

It is indisputable that all nuts are useful. However, only walnuts contain high amounts of omega -3 fatty acids, which can replace the fish. Nuts are rich in fiber, folic acid, zinc, vitamins B and E. Walnuts stabilize blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and various heart diseases.

Experts also recommend daily use olive oil and pomegranate juice. These products also contain many nutrients and a huge amount of antioxidants.

Let's talk about what foods are considered harmful.Useful and harmful products. Year round, we use the following products and do not notice how quickly we own ruin their health.

First we need to avoid eating meat roasted on the fire, because everyone's favorite kebab shown very fatty meat, which preserves the juiciness after frying. Better to replace the meat chicken breast or pork tenderloin.

Lovers of fast food such as hot dogs, sandwiches, and other nonsense, it is worth thinking about how many calories are in each such product. Avoid frying food : French fries , donuts, muffins, etc. All kinds of snacks type chips, nut, is also worth a limit.
What holiday is complete without a salad with mayonnaise. Typically, these very high-calorie salads, so to reduce their caloric better to use low-calorie mayonnaise, if you can not change on the olive oil.
Useful and harmful products. Useful and harmful products.

Cold, sweet alcoholic drinks, so save that in the heat, are another source of a huge number of calories. You can replace them with cold drinking water or mineral water, or at least the wine.

Also make sure that the amount of ice cream that you eat in hot weather. It is recommended to eat small portions. As you can see, there are so many temptations, while delivering us pleasure and harm. So be careful how you eat and what you drink, if you always want to be on our toes.

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