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» » Stockholm. Restaurant review.

Stockholm. Restaurant review.

Such different Stockholm.

Review of the best catering establishments.

Classic Swedish.

Today let's talk and learn many interesting things about the catering establishments such a beautiful city like Stockholm. Stockholm restaurant world is a fusion of flavor notes of cuisines from different countries. Individual attention, Swedish dishes, cooked and decorated in a contemporary manner. Ornate feed fish dishes, venison, seafood and farm harvest surprise you with its originality. A traditional dessert of berries will undoubtedly take a special place in your heart.
Stockholm. Restaurant review.

Bars and bistros.


In Sweden, there is no distinction between a bistro and bar. In any of these establishments, you can easily get a snack or a cocktail. The most fashionable hangouts, recently became institutions such as Brasserie Le Rouge - bistro combining classic French and Italian cuisine. Stylish place considered Och Himlen Därtill - rooftop bar, striking for its views of the city. No less popular bar delicacies AG, it is especially for lovers of meat. New orleans not disappoint atmosphere nightclub bar Marie Laveau, offering stunning cocktails and dishes from southern cuisine.

Delights of the surrounding area.

Spectacular views of Stockholm can be observed, while in the bar. Unfailing sense of style and good taste of the restaurant and hotel Riche Lydmar win the hearts of not only locals, but also visiting guests, a restaurant famous for conducting various activities and the presence of noisy rock stars of all sizes. A newly discovered places BAR network offer their visitors to choose fish and shellfish straight from the tank.
Stockholm. Restaurant review.

Popularity institutions located in the center.

Playful interior, combining different styles 9 thematic amusement places Grill is a perfect place for a fun-filled evening. The best cocktails and antipasti served in a Guldbaren. Fashion lovers will enjoy Swedish cuisine in 1900/Kåken. Here you can enjoy a variety of snacks, booze and relaxing music, all in a classic style.

The business part of the city.

Seasonal food French and Swedish cuisine can be sampled at Museet. Meat lovers, hip-hop and electro like in Vassa Eggen. Innovative cocktails and a wide selection of champagne and new flavors of high quality meals, all accompanied by classic and sometimes unexpected sounds presented at Bistro Jarl. Classic meeting place where you can show yourself and for others to see is Riche. Fine Swedish cuisine with an international menu features presented Sturehof. Urban Deli - bright, stylish, retro institution. Here is everything you need for excellent party.
Stockholm. Restaurant review.


Traditional cafes.

In Sweden, you can hardly find an empty cafe. Swedes just can not live without coffee breaks, so a variety of cafes in this country is amazing. One of the traditional cafe is considered Vetekatten. It is a maze of cozy rooms, where there is a feeling of home comfort. Here the most amazing traditional pastries from high quality ingredients. No less is considered a favorite cafe Tossebageriet. This is one of the historical classic bakeries. Do not miss the opportunity to eat a sandwich of homemade bread, enjoy local pastries and cakes in the cozy atmosphere Tossebageriet.

Unusual cafes.

In Rank include unusual cafe Rosendals trädgardar. And all because this bakery is located on the beautiful island of Djurgården and offers a wide selection of salads, soups, sandwiches and fresh baking. The café uses only environmentally friendly and biodynamic ingredients.
Stockholm. Restaurant review.

Café Café Blom is also unique in that it is located in the Museum of Architecture. This unusual place offers quite a common menu of soups, salads, homemade pastries.

Top cafe locals.

The best flavored coffee in town can be enjoyed in a cafe called Cocovaja Coffee & Catering. Local residents enjoy comfort and friendly service of the institution. Regular visitors to cafes come here to enjoy a cup of coffee, fresh pastries and pleasant intercourse. In the Petite France, you will find an abundance of French confectionery: croissants, brioche, a variety of pastries. Here you can look like for breakfast and lunch.

Sophistication kitchen Stockholm.

Awards in 2011.

Swedish cuisine is known for its sophisticated and creative art of cooking, as well as new and unconventional approaches to maintain. Because of this, Stockholm has every right to boast the presence of six restaurants, Michelin-starred, seven restaurants, award-mark Beebe gourmet variety of local Swedish classics, constantly appearing in the media and attracts gourmets from around the world.

2 Michelin stars.

Thanks to the fine cuisine, attentive and professional service, Mathias Dahlgren - Matsalen includes a list of restaurants, marked with two Michelin stars.
Stockholm. Restaurant review. Stockholm. Restaurant review.

1 Michelin star.

The list of restaurants, marked one Michelin star, is such an institution as the F12 (Fredsgatan 12) - a modern classic restaurant with high quality service, the target audience is the people from the political, financial and cultural sphere. A distinctive feature of the restaurant - innovative international cuisine with an emphasis on the combination of unusual flavors. Next in line is Esperanto, whose menu combines romantic and surreal elements. One of the most famous Swedish restaurants is Lux Stockholm, serving modern Swedish and international cuisine.

Winner of Bib gourmand.

Institutions, combining sophistication and affordability of the menu, mark awarded Bib gourmand. Best establishments are considered the following: Proviant, Den Gyldene Freden, Sjögräs, Ulla Winbladh, Rolfs Kök, and Fjäderholmarnas Krog.

List of White Guide.

In this list you can find all the restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide rating. Among the most exquisite Pontus, Operakällaren, Mistral, and GQ. From the above list of institutions represented only you can choose the most suitable place for you. Enjoy!

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