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» » Raw food diet as an independent direction.

Raw food diet as an independent direction.

Useful rules and short snacking.

In modern life snacks or snacks as they areRaw food diet as an independent direction. called differently, are essential for health. As we would like, but these are the snacks have become part of modern food culture and rooted in the lives of most of us.

Specialists, nutritionists do not cease to affirm that split meals are much healthier than the usual three-time diet.

Typically, snacks mean by only a light snack. Unfortunately, too many people confuse light snack with excessive intake insalubrious products. Most often our snacks consist of a cup of coffee or tea with cookies, biscuits or cakes. The amount of calories such snacking can replace a complete meal that is not good. Remember that excess calories with a lack of nutrients and dietary fiber can lead to negative consequences such as diabetes, metabolic disorder, the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

It turns out that there is nothing wrong with snacking. Conversely, 3 -4- one-time help to reduce the amount of snacking portions at lunch and dinner, while helping save a figure in order.

How to snack during the day?

The best time for snacking - Brunch is at 12 o'clock , and afternoon tea at about 5:00 pm. This temporal sequence does not allow to overeat during dinner, causing most problems with being overweight.
Raw food diet as an independent direction.

Remember that if you are close to breakfast, the next bite better organize three to four hours. In this case, the bite must be easy and consist, for example, yoghurt or fruit. If you ate a lot at tea time, dinner limit to a glass of sour milk.

Very often it happens that when he comes home after a hard day, we do not care anymore what to eat and when, the main thing that quickly and nutritious. As a result, the perception of a lack of proper food intake, we have developed an automatic habit, then we can grasp at the first available product, this leads to extra pounds. By the same problems resulting work without lunch.

The essence of the fractional power is that the food enters the body through an equal number of hours. Thus, the optimal interval between meals may not exceed three hours.
Raw food diet as an independent direction. Raw food diet as an independent direction. Raw food diet as an independent direction.

Experts advise not knowingly eat after six for those who want to reduce weight. Such a diet, in fact, gives a very good result. Recommended dinner four hours before bedtime, otherwise you will have problems with sleep and digestion of food.

But, carried away by a fractional power , we should not forget the need for the body in hot meal . Soups are usually very beneficial for digestion. They are easily digested and are low-calorie, if they consist of vegetables. That echt introduction of soups in the daily diet can be called a kind of prevention of obesity.

There is another very rough mistake that people - it's a habit to wash down the food. From it should be discarded as soon as possible , because drinking food significantly reduced the concentration of gastric juice , resulting in longer food is digested and assimilated worse. Best half-hour pause in between meals and tea.

Another piece of advice , which is to listen - at least once a day to arrange a full quiet lunch or dinner, despite having the tight schedule.

"Hunger hunger strife"

Naturally, we start eating when experiencingRaw food diet as an independent direction. hunger. As it turns out, there are two different signals of hunger. What does this mean?

The first signal of hunger makes itself felt when food is completely gone from the stomach. In this case, you can have a cup of tea or a cup of yogurt and a feeling of hunger blunted.

Quite different is the case with a second signal hunger. Suppose a man a hearty breakfast , but during the day did not eat anything else. In such situations nutrients has long been sucked into the blood and passed from the blood into cells. This means that the blood itself indicates hunger. This hunger is difficult to quench a cup of tea and so I came home, people eat a lot to fill the stomach. You should already understand that it's bad for digestion and overall health. Therefore, it is better to stick to a certain nutrient regime.

What constitutes the right snacks

Raw food diet as an independent direction.

For light and healthy snacks you can use the following products:

• Sandwich with chicken meat , turkey combined with coffee with or without milk
• Fruits ( apples, bananas, pineapple)
• Low-fat yogurt
• Dark chocolate
• Light salad
• Nuts

Nutritionists recommend snacking on those products which do not exceed calorie 150 calories .

Top 10 snacks containing less than 150 calories :

• 2 kiwi = 95 calories
• 1 low-fat yogurt = 60 calories
• 5 tablespoons dried cherries = 125 calories
• 1 medium-sized apple , cut into pieces 2 teaspoons peanut = 135 calories
• 1 cup of milk = 120 calories
• 21 almonds = 147 calories
• 3 small carrots = 60 calories
• 3/4 cup cheese = 142 calories
• 7 multizernovyh loaves = 120 calories
• 3 oat cookies = 120 calories .
Bad if you try to prepare yourself snacking . For example, dietary bake cookies, apples drier , make balls of broccoli ...

Once again, the most important: The basic rules of snacking

Refrain from snacking consisting of sweet and fatty foods.

 shack should be easy : apple, pear or bitter (70 %) chocolate, which should dissolve.
 Do not forget to drink more water (norm - two liters).
 Try to eat at the same time.

Healthy Snacks!! What I Eat to Stay Fit & Healthy

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