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» » Crispbread and their effects on the body

Crispbread and their effects on the body

Crispbread and their effect on the body.

Crispbread can be called a great alternative to the usual bread. In stores there are so many all kinds of crispbread. How to choose the right varieties of this bread to get real benefits from them? In this article we will try to find out about the beneficial and harmful properties of this product, its impact on our body, who what to buy Crispbread, and how to make delicious bread at home.

Benefits and harms of loaves according to nutritionists.

According to specialists, nutritionists,Crispbread and their effects on the body wholegrain crispbread - it's a great source of dietary fiber, which provide delay food mass in the stomach, which in turn allows you to keep a feeling of fullness for a longer period.

Due to dietary fiber in the small intestine bind various toxic substances, bile acids, ensured their timely removal from the body. In addition, they regulate cholesterol in the body, stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, the process contribute to the improvement of food processing.

It is known that a lack of dietary fiber in the diet contributes to the emergence and development of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive diseases, cancer, constipation, gall bladder, hernia, etc.

Composition of crispbread.

A significant advantage in the manufacture of the rolls is that the addition of starch, fat, yeast, sugar and preservatives, colorants excluded. If we compare with the usual bread loaves, they are much more vitamins and minerals.
Crispbread and their effects on the body

Crispbread, usually made ​​of flour of low grades. Why lower grades of flour? The fact that little of the treated flour contains all substances necessary for complete metabolism.

Also included in the rolls includes nutritional supplements in the form of wheat bran, seaweed, beta -carotene ... But the main advantage of most breads - is the lack of yeast in their lineup. Consequently, such bread can eat people suffering from heartburn.

Depending on the type of crispbread additives are divided into dietary and healing. Therefore, such bread is better to use in limited quantities.

Since bread is baked for a short time, it allows to preserve all of their nutrients. But do not completely trust all manufacturers. When you purchase this product, carefully read the text on the packaging with the crispbread.
Crispbread and their effects on the body Crispbread and their effects on the body Crispbread and their effects on the body

Types of crispbread and health benefits.

Eat crispbread with the necessary knowledge that the same kind of loaf to one person may be useful to another - no.

For example, buckwheat bread is recommended for diabetics and people who have problems with excess weight . Buckwheat crispbread also useful for people with anemia.

Oat bread should be used for people who are prone to colds and neurodermatitis , those with problem skin. Oat crispbread suitable for people who have kidney problems.

But rice cakes are recommended to include in the diet of people suffering from sleep disorders and diseases of the nervous system.

Wheat and barley bread to help cope with gastrointestinal diseases.

Multizlakovye bread, which is made from a mixture of cereal flours, suitable for everyone without exception.
Crispbread and their effects on the body Crispbread and their effects on the body

What are the most useful crispbread.

Now we know that bread - it is a source of easily digestible protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. A fiber - is a stimulant of the digestive tract active and perfect habitat for beneficial microorganisms. In addition, fiber helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Her amount of 100-150 grams equals loaves 6 loaf of rye bread or 2.5 kg of cabbage.

According to experts on healthy eating among the most useful loaves are considered whole grains, which are prepared by extrusion. What does this mean? To prepare the data using a special apparatus loaves extruder. First soaked cooked mixture of grains, this process can take up to 12 hours, this time is sufficient to soften the rough shell beans. Then poured into an extruder resulting mixture is moist. All the contents of the apparatus is maintained under high pressure at a temperature of 90-100 ° C. Under these conditions, the water that was in the grain mixture evaporates.

Such technology cooking whole- grain breads precludes their addition to the composition of any harmful additives, such as fat, starches, yeast, sugars, preservatives, colorants and so forth. Therefore, bread prepared by extrusion, composed only of grains and cereals.

Forbidden to eat bread for children up to 2-3 years, as the child's body is not able to digest roughage like this, but teenagers quite useful to include them in the diet.

Caloric crispbread.

Now the most interesting part - the energy value or, as it is called, calorie breads. One hundred grams of this product contains about 300 calories. Much? In fact, for the rolls is quite normal value, since the presence of long carbohydrates allows loaves are easily available and give a feeling of satiety. But fiber, part of the loaves, does not allow to absorb calories. Those people who want to lose weight, enough to eat 3-5 loaves every day, because when consuming 35 grams of fiber a day, burns up to 245 calories.

What are the most harmful crispbread.

All crispbread, which are prepared by extrusion of NO can be called harmful. If loaves almost not visible whole grains, it is quite possible that they were made as usual bread . In the process of manufacturing such loaves, which can be added anywhere components.

In fact, such crispbread - bread modified without vitamins and so on. nutrients that is not recommended to use for people who adhere to diets and suffering from overweight.
Crispbread and their effects on the body

Remember that not all useful crispbread contain a part yeast, they are made from either wheat flour or whole-grain flour. Quality bread - those bread that crisp , dry, well- broken, do not crumble and have a uniform color.

How to choose crispbread.

The basic rule that in mind when buying any loaves - a thorough study of the packaging label . Give up buying loaves with any artificial additives : flavors, flavor enhancers , not to mention GMO ....

Once you are convinced of the naturalness, be guided according to its characteristics of an organism. And remember that


• crisp, dry, well -baked;
• uniform color;
• Only whole grain or whole wheat flour;
• without dyes, yeast, modified starch, preservatives, antioxidants etc. Components patients.
Crispbread and their effects on the body

Pets crispbread of seeds.


• 400 ml of water
• 200 ml of flaxseed
• 100 ml of sesame seed
• 100 ml peeled pumpkin seeds
• 100 ml of purified sunflower seeds (not fried)
• 1 pinch of sea salt
• 1 tsp of dry spices (it tastes like oregano and thyme)
Method of preparation:
Combine all dry ingredients in one bowl. Add the water. Mix thoroughly and leave for four hours. Stir the mixture. Do you need to get consistency resembling sticky mess.

Cover the baking paper for baking. Put the mixture on paper and flatten the entire surface.

The cooking process is time consuming loaves. You need about 10-12 hours to dry bread to simmer. (If you will be comfortable, leave the bread to prepare for the night).

Once one side is, you need to flip the bread (preferably change paper) and leave to dry again until done. Ready loaf dry to the touch, when tapped it produces a hollow sound. Cook with fun and good luck!

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