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Vodka different flavors.

When did the term "vodka"


- a spirit drink kotoryypredstavlyaet a colorless, water-alcohol solution with a 40 % strength and a characteristic odor.
Vodka different flavors.Vodka production process - is not easy. It includes the following steps:

- Preparation of a corrected water
- Mixing rectified ethyl alcohol obtained from food raw material with the correct water
- Treatment with an aqueous - alcoholic solution with active carbon or a modified starch, plus its filtration
- Introducing ingredients, if they are provided for the formulation
- Mixing,
- Control filtering,
- Filling in consumer packaging
- Clearance of finished products.

Do you know from whence the word "vodka". Its modern meaning of the term - solution of purified water, ethanol, first received in the USSR after receiving guests in 1936. Prior to that, the word "vodka" was known about in XIV-XV centuries, but a clear definition of the term had no value.

Over time, man has been interested in studying the etymology of the word. For example, the original meaning of the Polish word «wodka» - little water, water bewitched, which is similar to the value of old Russian word "vodka" - "Vodicka." In Poland, the first mention of vodka dates back to 1405 g, in Russian sources - 1533
Vodka different flavors.

In official Russian sources, the word "vodka " first appeared June 8, 1751 the decree of Empress Elizabeth I. In the literature, the term was first used by Alexander Pushkin.


It is known that the prototype was made of vodka in the X century Persian physician by the name of Al-Razi. He managed to extract ethanol by distillation.

Technological revolution of the XIX century demanded production of pure ethanol in large quantities. Such alcohol used in various fields : medicine, chemical industry, in the perfume industry. In this connection, apparatus have been developed which produce alcohol 96% strength to an industrial scale. Alcohol has a high degree of purification of natural impurities - distillation columns that appeared in Russia in the 60s of the XIX century and were used mainly for the production of alcohol for export.
Vodka different flavors.

While Russia has not appeared alcoholmeters fortress water-alcohol mixture was measured by "annealing". What is the essence of this procedure ? If wine from a burning half burnt out, the wine is called "polugarom." A fortress polugara was 38.3%, and it served as the base unit of the regulatory fortress vodka.

Later, when the measurement of the fortress began to apply alcoholmeters, Minister of Finance of the Russian empire MH Reitern offered to round this number up to 40. There were two reasons. First - it was more convenient to calculate the volume of wine produced, and secondly, it could become a kind of reserve "for shrinkage and leakage", so that the consumer in any way guaranteed to get the usual 38 "polugarnyh" degrees.

The proposal was formally adopted, and in 1866 40 per cent by volume ( degrees ) became the norm. It should be noted that it was only the lower limit of the fortress , rather than strictly according to this indicator.
Vodka different flavors.

Vodka different flavors

Vodka taste orVodka different flavors. flavor differences determined by the type and number of specific impurities in alcohol. It is believed that the impurities are responsible for the bulk of the taste of vodka, what we call the "bitter taste" or "hot taste" in different kinds of vodka.

This is confirmed by the fact that the class consisting of more pure alcohol and water, less bitter, almost like water. Consequently, the mild taste of vodka is the criterion of its purity, given that there are impurities that can mask the bitterness of the drink.

• bacon-flavored vodka. When you drink the vodka seems as though you've chewed a piece of pork. The cost of this product is about $ 30...

• Vodka tastefully olives. Unmatched taste and aroma of the drink will cost about $ 60.

• Vodka tastefully candyfloss. Yeah, imagine such a difficult but possible by purchasing a drink for $ 16.

• Tomato vodka. Vodka tasteful tomato " cherry".

• Vodka " Van Gogh" with taste of peanut butter and raspberry jelly. Manufacturer reports that he is a pioneer in the world of flavored vodkas.

• Smoked vodka. Production is carried out in limited quantities. Happens all the following scheme: a special smoke chamber, during the week, Liquor Copts on the smoke from specially selected varieties of oak. Smoke is passed through a vodka that has a bitter taste. You can buy it for about 35-40 pounds.

• Vodka with taste of pumpkin pie. The price is quite reasonable - only $ 20.

• Vodka tasteful orange jam worth P4 pound.

• Vodka tasteful cucumber brine. A liter of vodka will cost only $ 15.

• Vodka tastefully hemp seed.

• Vodka with cola flavor. Unlike other flavored vodkas, the color of this product fit the taste of cola.

All about Vodka: How It's Made and How to Drink It

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