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King prawns grilled pita from Evans

Amazing taste and rich aroma of spices recipe prawns from the famous Australian chef Pete Evans. The recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. Cooking can be as grill and the pan. Try and amaze your family and friends!

Aaron Craze

21-03-2014, 16:45
Aaron Craze - renowned chef from a dysfunctional family. Born in 1978, restaurateur, creator and owner of the television show, the author of many publications, chef Aaron Craze can be described as a man with extraordinary abilities.
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Top 8 useful drinks.

4-03-2014, 19:21
Everyone knows that drink - liquid that is intended for drinking. There is a huge variety of drinks, it's carbonated drinks, non-carbonated, alcoholic beverages, spirits, juices, dairy drinks, hot drinks.
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Edible Christmas trees for the holiday table.

7-03-2014, 00:30
Delicious hand-made Christmas tree for New Year's table. Christmas tree - the main attribute of each house in the New Year and Christmas holidays. Not alone the winter holidays are not without this beautiful fluffy. And remember how much fun and funny songs we know about the tree. The most exciting activity that binds the whole family - this, of course, co- designed main hero of the occasion. This can be done in different ways, there's no limits to your imagination. Experiment can not only over this tree with prickly needles, but also on the tree, you can prepare yourself from any
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Absolut Vodka

4-03-2014, 15:05
History of Swedish vodka originates in the XV century, when the Norsemen first began to make a product called "branvin", which translates as "fiery wine."
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Daniel - aristocratic restaurant in New York.

27-02-2014, 01:43
The interior of the restaurant Daniel captivates with its decor. The main hall is decorated places painted arches, columns with clay moldings. Atmosphere of prestige within the restaurant creates a high coffered ceiling, and fresh flowers, the Chinese national souvenirs, crystal and silver serving utensils.
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Making swans, reeds, water lilies.

24-02-2014, 00:59
Today, try to recreate the wonderful song "Swan Lake", with which you can decorate the meat or fish in aspic, various salads, pates.
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Holiday separation cheese in Switzerland

27-11-2014, 21:51
In late summer, the end of the grazing season, Swiss cheese, as usual divide. This important product is made of milk from cows that graze on the alpine meadows. At one of the local dialects this holiday is called "Hezteylet." Cheese wheels stacked piles and then shared between hosts. Each stack of cheese cheeses are of different sizes and quality. Predict who will get the cheese and what is not possible, because it is all cast lots.
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How to cook lentils.

26-02-2014, 00:37
This culture belongs to the legume family. Cook lentils people began in ancient times. Surprisingly, in Russia in the Middle Ages was no less lentils популярна...
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Myths about diets. Enough puff itself!

24-02-2014, 23:37
How many girls are torturing themselves in search of the most effective diet? In the flurry of silly gimmicks that promise to lose flab, the girls are ready for everything. In fact, to distinguish truth from fiction is not easy. Let's try to expose the most common myths about diet, but you must first understand what a diet, what are the diet, and to whom they are shown.
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Snacks for beer.

26-02-2014, 00:55
Beer - common drink in many countries, which is popular for its taste and aroma. There are more than a thousand varieties of beer, the taste characteristics which significantly Snacks for beer.
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Napkin Folding - Jabot.

28-02-2014, 02:17
A method of folding napkins "Jabot"
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Guide rouge de Michelin

18-02-2014, 13:41
The most famous restaurant guide, was founded in 1900 by brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin who have decided to take care of motorists travelers not only from a technical standpoint, but tell them where you can relax and eat on the road. The guide is available in French, Italian, Spanish, English, German. Paper edition of the handbook is published once a year and goes on sale on March...
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Hiltl vegetarian restaurant.

9-03-2014, 14:54
Let us look to the north-east of Switzerland, namely the city of Zurich. There is a fourth generation family Hiltl directs the oldest restaurant in town. It is a known vegetarian restaurant Hiltl, established in 1898.
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What is Rambutan?

9-03-2014, 22:07
Few people know the name rambutan. Rambutan tropical fruit from Southeast Asia. This amazing fruit has become famous in the 18th century, when the king called Rama wrote an ode dedicated to this fruit. The fruit was described as follows ....
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Recipes for Halloween (October 31)

9-03-2014, 21:21
Halloween - the oldest festival in the world dating back to the ancient Celtic traditions of Ireland and Scotland. Its history goes back millennia. Celebrated on October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day.
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Asparagus with lemon-tomato relish

26-08-2015, 20:48
The world-famous in the film "Toast" by Nigel Slater in this recipe focuses on lemon, diced. Thus, tender slices of lemon, peeled, become an independent part of seasoning, and all meals. You use the lemon as a fruit, but do not put it in the usual lemon juice.
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Secrets of tea ceremony in China

12-02-2015, 14:50
It is known that tea has a special place in the life of every Chinese, and the tea party - a real ceremony, which is called gongfu cha. Thanks to this nation, people from around the world have learned to drink and beautiful ..
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Macaroni dessert recipe

Cake dessert pasta should be the same size. How to achieve this , you can decide for yourself, using any method convenient for you. For example, you can draw on paper baking cups with the same diameter. Dosing protein- almond confectionery mass of the bag. Halves must cakes bake at 170 degrees for 10-12 minutes. ATTENTION! Do not open the oven while baking cakes! Wait until cool halves. After that, proceed to their connection, this will require you selected beforehand filling.

King prawns grilled pita from Evans

Amazing taste and rich aroma of spices recipe prawns from the famous Australian chef Pete Evans. The recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. Cooking can be as grill and the pan. Try and amaze your family and friends!

Pizza dough FROM Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck - a man who knows all about the taste preferences of the stars. Another would be - in fact already the eighteenth year he organizes a dinner after the awards "Oscar". In this recipe, he reveals the secrets of Italian cuisine and will help us to prepare a great pizza! Prepare and enjoy

Vodka different flavors.

In official Russian sources, the word "vodka" first appeared June 8, 1751 the decree of Empress Elizabeth I. In the literature, the term was first used by Alexander Pushkin.[/center]
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